Thursday, October 28, 2010

Dead Baby's Mother Held

unknown undated newspaper clipping from the Amanda Shafer collection. why did she keep this one? It is a very sad story.

Princeton, MO-A 22-year-old Mercer, Mo. divorcee is in jail here charged wtih concealing a birth and disposing of a body.
The charge stemmed from the discovery of the body of an infant girl on a dump near Lineville, Ia., March 25.
J. Morgan Donelson, prosecuting attorney, said Mrs. Lula Mae Dykes told him the child died almost immediately after birth and that she hid the body from her mother and step-father. Lineville is a town about 15 miles north of here.
A few hours after the arrest of the woman Saturday, the body of her step-father, William Johnson, 55, was found hanging from a rafter in the barn. Dr. A.S. Bristow, acting coroner, listed the death as a suicide.
Donelson said Johnson's action was attributed to his embarrassment over the charges filed Saturday against Mrs. Dykes.
The prosecutor said Mrs. Dykes has a 2-year-old son from the marriage which ended in a divorce.

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