Monday, November 8, 2010

Charles Uhler, Jr

newspaper clippings amanda shafer scrapbook
will upload the photos, he was a cute little guy~

Scooter Hits Car, Boy Lives
"Brakes" Didn't Work, Lad, 5 , Declares
Charles Uhler, jr, 5, glanced up at two policemen Saturday afternoon to explain:
'"My brakes wouldn't work."
The patrolmen had been ordered by police radio to 'investigate traffic collission at SE Sixth st and Davis ave.'
Arriving they found the principals: Floyd Kline, 34, of 617 SE Hughes ave, his automobile, Charles; and a badly battered 'scooter'.
Coasting down the Davis ave. hill, two and a half blocks from his home at 2331 SE Eighth st., Charles had attempted to stop his scooter as Kline drove south on SE Sixth st into the intersection.
Charles brakes, as attested by a badly swollen big toe, was his left foot. The scooter hit the rear wheel of Kline's car, police said.
Passersby saw the boy hurled from his scooter to the pavement. It was, they told police, "a miracle Charles wasn't killed."
Broadlawns General Hospital physicians found Charles suffered three fractured ribs, left big toe dislocated and bruises on the left side of his face.
Charles' father is manager and chef at the Bolton and Hay restaurant, 417 Seventh st.

Injured While Coasting
Registar Staff Photo
Charles Uhler, jr, 5-year-old son of Mr and Mrs Charles Uhler, 2331 SE Eighth st, was recovering Saturday night from injuries suffered while coasting on his scooter. The accident occurred at SE Sixth st and Davis ave.

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