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Joseph H Axsom and his children: where they lived and died

Joseph Axsom's first appearance in North Carolina seems to have been in Rowan County in 1809. Joseph was listed on the 1809 Rowan Tax List with 188 acres (a recent find credited to Randall May). The 188 acre plot in Rowan Conty was located in the northern part of Rowan thta then bordered Surry County. Joseph next appeared on the 1810 Surry County, NC census. In 1812 he was listed on the Surrey County Tax List with 0 acres. Joseph purchased 50 acres of land along Dutchman's Creek in 1813, and another 100 acres along Dutchman's Creek in 1830. Dutchman's Creek is in present day Yadkin and Davie Counties. Joseph's property could have been located along Steelman's Creek. Very little of Dutchman's Creek lies in present-day Yadkin. Steelman's Creek may have been called the north fork of Dutchman's Creek in the early 1800s. The headwaters of both creeks originate in southern Yadkin County.
Joseph married Nancy (possibly Nancy May) circa 1803. After Joseph's death in 1833, Nancy was allotted 1/3 of Joseph's land as her dower. It is not known how long Nancy remained on the home place. She was listed as living in Marsh Township on the 1850 Surry census. Marsh township is in present-day Surry County. Nancy obviously desired to be closer to her sons, Martin and Joseph. Nancy died on Christmas Eve 1854. She is buried in the Axsom Family Cemetery, which is located on land that was owned by Martin. Joseph's burial place is unknown; however, it is likely in present-day Yadkin County.
Joseph and Nancy had ten children: Martin, Samuel David, Andrew, Mary "Polly", Elizabeth, Nelly, Nancy E., Joseph Jr., James, and Alexander.
MArtin Axsom married Susannah Lundy on 03May1826. Martin bought 100 acres of land along Pleasant/Pheasant Branch (present day Surry County), in 1832. At the time of his death in 1873, MArtin owned a 200 acrew home tract, 8 town lots in Dobson, and an additional 12 acres. Susannah received 1/3 of all MArtin's property as her dower. The home tract was part of Martin's original purchase in 1826. He acquired an additional 100 acres sometime after the initial purchase. Martin's home tract is now called the Old Lee Cockerham Farm. It is located on Gilliam Road, off State Road 268, in southern Surry County. Susannah lived on the home place until her death in 1879. MArtin and Susannah are buried in the Axsom Family Cemetery.
Samuel David Axsom married Winifred Matthews on 16December1828. Samuel David was listed on the Surry county tax list in 1835 as owning 75acres in the Bean Shoal District. Samule David and Winifred moved to Indiana in 1837. A deed registered in Monroe County, Indiana, on 19May1837 recorded the purchase of property by Samuel AXOM from Solomon Fleetwood. Samuel bought additional property in Monroe Co. from William Todd in 1838. Several Indiana Land Patents were issued to Samuel between the years 1838-1854. All were in Monroe County except one parcel of 40 acres in Lawrence County, Indiana. Samuel may have owned land in Jackson County, Indiana, too. Winifred died sometime between 1850 and 1851. She is buried in Todd Cemetery in Monroe co, Indiana. Samuel David subsequently married Melvina (Hall) Fleetwood. she died 14July1883 and is buried in the Deckhard Cemetery in Monroe County, Indiana. After Melvina's death, Samuel David married Anne (Hedrick) Wilkerson. Samuel David died inDecember 1892. He is buried in the Todd Cemetery in Monroe County, Indiana.
Andrew Axsom married Elizabeth Weldon 29June1830. Andrew lived along Harmon's Creek or Deep Creek in present day Yadkin Co. until he bought property in 1855 along Snow Creek in present day Surry Co. Andrew's Surry property is believed to have been located near Dobbins Mill on Snow Creek (Currently, Snow Creek Millery, Dobbins Mill Road). Elizabeth died sometime between 1880 and 1884. Andrew married again at age 75. He and Sarah Linville were married 27April1884. Andrew died July 1889. Andrew & Elizabeth's burial place is not know. SArah remarried after Andrew's death and later moved to Eden, NC. Sarah died 02July1924. She is buried in Overlook Cemetery in Eden.
Elizabeth Axsom married Joseph Revis/Reavis. Elizabeth and Joseph lived in Surry Co at the time of the 1840 census. They were listed on the 1850 census for Wilkes Co., NC (adjourns Surry county to the west). According to an article in The Heritage of Wiles County, 1982 Elizabeth and Joseph lost their home in Surry Co in a fire. Upon being faced with foreclosure on his land by brother-in-law Charles Steelman, Joseph embarked on moving his family to Georgia.
Early into the journey, one of the children became seriously ill and the family got no further than Wilkes Co. Joseph & Elizabeth were forced to abandon plans to move to Georgia. Joseph died in 1874 and Elizabeth died in 1894. Both are buried in an abandoned cemetery located on the farm of Odell Wyatt on Boomer Highway, Moravian Falls, Wilkes Co, NC.
Mary "Polly" Axsom married Samuel Wilkins about 1832. he bought 150 acres of land from Joseph Steelman in 1839 located on the 'water's of Dutchman's Creek." The property description sounds more like the description of Joseph Axsom's 150 acres located in the same area. Samuel died in late 1852 or early 1853. AFter Samuel's death, his property was sold to Archibald Comer, but Mary retained lifetime rights to her dower of 51 acres. Mary "Polly" remained a widow until her death. Mary's burial place is unknown, but she and Samuel were members of the Courtney Baptist Church in Yadkin Co, NC. It is possible they are buried in the church cemetery in unmarked graves.
Nelly Axsom married Anderson McBride about 1831. they were listed on the 1840 Davie County Census. In 1850 they were living in Surry Co. The probably lived along the border of present-day Davie & Yadkin Counties. Nelly died in 1855. She is buried in the Courtney Baptist Church Cemetery in Yadkin Co. Anderson remarried after Nelly's death. He died sometime between 1870 and 1877 in Davie County.
Nancy E Axsom married James Sprinkle in 1834. They settled in present-day Surry county somewhere along Mt Herman Church Road. James died in 1885 and Nancy died in 1900. It is speculated by some family members that James & Nancy are buried in the Axsom FAmily Cemetery, but if they are buried there, the graves are unmarked.
Joseph Axsom, Jr. married Mary Setliff about 1838. he bought land on the north side of the Yadkin River in 1839. he owned other property in Surry Co, including the Axsom Mill on Snow Creek. Joseph & Mary's home place was located on what is now State Road 268 near the intersection of Joe Layne Mill Road (the same tract of land that was bought in 1839.) The house, which is believed to be the house Joseph & Mary lived in, is still standing. Joseph died in 1888 and Mary died in 1900. Both are buried in the Setliff/Anthony Cemetery located off Joe Layne Mill Road.
James Axsom married an unknown Jane. James was found listed on the Panola Co, Mississippi census in 1850. He was found in Desota Co, Mississippi in 1860. According to both census reports, James and his wife, Jane were born in NC. James was a blacksmith. James moved to Tennessee sometime after 1860. The exact location is unknown.
Alexander Axsom married an unknown Mary. Although there is no proof, Alexander is thought to have been the same Alexander AXUM/Axsom who was listed on the 1850 and 1860 Mecklenburg county, NC census. The Alexander in Mecklenburg County would have been about the same age as Alexander Axsom born in Surry Co. There was also an Alexander AXIOM from Mecklenburg Co in the Civil War who was captured on 02April1865 and confined at HArt's Island New York Harbor on 07April1865. Alexander has not ben located on any census reports after 1860, however, it is assumed that Alexander was still living at the time of his brother Martin's death in 1873; Alexander Axsom is listed among those owing debts to the estate of Martin Axsom.

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