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WIlliam Robinson

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Most people looking at this page may not have much information to provide but every bit helps develop the story line for the book. For example: The 23rds first commander, Colonel Tindall was killed at the Battle of Shiloh. Most of the regiment was captured, sent to a Confederate POW camp at Macon Georgia and later parolled to Benton Barracks, St Louis MO to await exchange. While there, a mutiny occurred by parolled Iowa troops when the 23rds acting commander, Lt. Col Quinn Morton, was provost over paroled troops and tried to put them to work in violation of their parole. Colonel William Robinson was appointed the 23rds Commander for the regiment when exchanged. He was tasked to provide security for the railroad bridges heading to the southwest of St Louis. During his assignment he received a court martial for failure to ensure the execution of an arrest warrant for a run away slave in Franklin County Missouri.
William Robinson of Bethany Missouri was mustered and elected Captain of Company "D" September 22 1861. Upon the death of Colonel Tindall at Shiloh, Lt Colonel Quinn Morton assumed command of the 23rd Missouri until June 7 1862 when William Robinson was appointed Colonel and Commander of the 23rd. He served as Commander to September 22 1864 when the majority of the regiment was sent home after the Battle of Atlanta due to the completion of three year enlistments. His prior military service included the summer of 1847 when he enlisted for the Mexican War. He was in Company E, Third Regiment, KEntucky Volunteer Infantry and was elected orderly sergeant. He fought in General Winfield Scott's Mexico City campaign and was discharged in August, 1848. Colonel Robinson was a member of the GAR and was the first Commander of the Lieutenant T.D. Neal Post No. 124 at Bethany, MO. He was a Master Mason, member of the IOOF and a Knight's Templar being a charter member of Bethany Commandry No. 42.
I only work on this book part time and appreciate any help provided. I am compiling data on each company and I thank the many people who have contributed. IF you had an ancestor who served in the 23MOV let me know what company he was in.
On the master roster page you will find all names compiled so far. Check there first and then go to the company page to list your veteran. You will also find a link to the Missouri county genealogy homepage where the company was recruited. I update this information as I receive it and I need any information you can provide, personal stories, diaries, letters, photos or additional written information found in history books. There has been a lot of success in locating veteran's descendants. If you provide copies of letters, diaries, photos, etc. you will be credited in the book. E-mail me and let me know what you have. Keep in mind this book is far from publication.
for those of you who do not know much about the 23rd Missouri Volunteer Infantry, the 23rd MOV Service History lists all the assignments, movements and battles engaged in from Shiloh to Atlant, and from the MArch to the Sea to the Grand Victory Parade in Washington,DC!

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