Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas Letter from Chris Crawford Family 2010

Hey Everybody Guys,

For those of you who don't already know, Ashley coined this phrase when she was little. She has grown up but I have not. I am sure you figured this out by the fun picture I made them

participate in. Ashley thinks she looks plastic, Tara thinks she looks bald and it is politically incorrect for me to tell you what Chris thinks about this picture; therefore my mission was successful. I do what I can to keep things lively around here. I had to pick up the slack with Ashley going off to college. I am still at Humboldt Elementary but I am the secretary now. Keeping up with 400 kids and 50 staff members keeps me hopping but I love it. I fill the rest of my time chasing Tara around and talking to Ash on the phone. Chris is still working for Herzog. He found time to go see on Nascar race this year. Merry Christmas and may your 2011 be filled with love and laughter.

Love ya later-Robin

P.S. Snowman were actually harmed in the making of this card.


Well, 2010 was full of a lot of firsts for me. It started off in January with my first car wreck-very traumatic. I was fine, however my escort was NOT, especially the driver's window I shattered with my head! Another first was graduating from high school. I ended up at literally the last possible second getting in the top 5%, therefore landing me the Curator's Scholarship at Mizzou. Which leads me to my most exciting first: COLLEGE. Let me just say that within the first week of college I had more fun than my entire high school career. I am having a blast and truly enjoying myself. I am double majoring in Journalism and English with a minor in Spanish. I joined a sorority, Kappa Delta, and have more true friends than I ever imagined possible. I was selected to be Assistant Secretary in Kappa Delta and was on the dance team for Homecoming and GAMMA Jam. I got a job teaching dance at a Catholic school's after care program and when I go back next semester I will be the head instructor, which is extremely exciting. I miss home sometimes but the freedom and close proximity of all my friends in Columbia is a nice change from the 30-minute drive to anywhere! Haha. I miss seeing everyone so Facebook me or call me anytime. It really does make my day! Lots of love,


P.S. If Tara doesn't tell the truth in her part: she got her first boyfriend this year! :P


This year had its share of ups and downs but I think I speak for most of my family when I say I am glad this year is almost to a close. Softball, volleyball and basketball have kept me busy. My Nitro team won the C World Series USSSA tournament and received first place. I made A team volleyball at Bode Middle School and we won quite a few of our games as well as tournaments. Now it is basketball season and me, possessing no basketball talent decided to become manager so I could still hang out with all my friends who are very good at basketball. They are all doing wonderful and winning lots of their games as well. As of course, Ashley already told you Igot my first boyfriend this year. He is tall and plays basketball and soccer. These are the good things that have happened this year and I feel it necessary to leave out the bad, for your sake. I hope we all keep in touch and see each other soon.

Love, Tara

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