Saturday, January 1, 2011

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from Dozes' Dilemma! 2010

As I write this, Kent & Cub are vacationing on the Big Island in Hawaii. Cub purchased property near Hilo this year and plans to clear the land and build a house. Cub is showing just about every aspect of the Island to his dad, so Kent is getting to see things that the typical tourist would never get to see. It is the trip of Kent's lifetime, that's for sure!
Dustin & Karen have very busy lives, as usual! Brett is driving now. He runs cross country, track, works at the theater, mows yards, is class president, sings with the Syracuse H.S. Singers and is a member of the Drama & Debate Clubs. Cody played football and basketball this year. He sent us "Flat Stanley" who spent a week with us before going back to Syracuse Elementary. Cody shot his first big turkey!
Jared has been doing well except for his bout of pneumonia which put him in the hospital for a few days in Sept. Later he developed bronchitis and is just now getting over that. He usually bowls close to his average, but did bowl a 222 and a 258 this year. He has four new bowling patches.
David is still attending K-State majoring in Electrical Engineering, goes to some of the K-State ballgames. Kent and Cub joined him for one football game. David traveled with us to Syracuse in Oct. to watch Brett run cross country.
Jesse has started back to college and is enjoying it very much. It's so nice to see him excited about doing something again. Curtis started preschool this year and he loves going every day.
Some of the family came for a very late Christmas in March and we celebrated Brett's 15th birthday while they were here. Everyone was here for July 4th for our annual backyard birthday celebration for Kent. We had a fantastic fireworks display in spite of all the rain storms we had! Jesse & Curtis stayed a week longer and we always love having them here.
I flew by myself, for the first time ever, to Ohio in Aug. to spend 12 great days with Jesse & Curtis. I don't know how much help I was while I was there, but I think we were all very happy to be together. I got to attend Curtis' pre-school orientation. On Jesse & Curtis' first day of "real" school, Curtis came up to me and asked, "Grandma, are you sure you're going to be okay here all by yourself?" I was so touched!
Sadness touched our lives this year several times. My step-dad (for 53 years) J.D. had been very ill and was living in a nursing home. Mom became very ill in March, was hospitalized and then went to live in the same nursing home. J.D. passed away April 2nd and Mom (LaVaughn) passed away May 24th. It's so hard to accept that they are gone.
I also lost a dear friend to cancer in July and then J.D.'s sister, Phyllis, passed away in Nov. from injuries suffered in a car accident.
There are so many friends and relatives suffering at this moment with cancer and other illnesses. There are so many wonderful men and women serving in our military and in harms' way. May God's blessings touch each and every one of them.
We are wishing much joy and happiness to all of you this Christmas season and throughout the New Year.
Vicki & Kent

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