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Henry O. Bryant

{after recieving a couple of emails with corrections from a Bryant who found my blog...have been looking for my 'original' genealogy from my grandmother Grace Brown and great aunt Minerva Maxwell. and found this stuff in the meantime! I know grandma & aunt minerva didn't give me any sources of where they found their information....and in the beginning I was bad about not recording my sources as well. need to get back to the Harrison County Genealogy Library to verify where my info came from!}

Henry O. Bryant was born Oct 11 1828, died Sept 20 1876, age 47. married Nancy Ellen Bowling Jan 8 1848 (Jan 8 1829-July 22 1855 age 26), second wife Loue Jane Chenoweth married March 24 1859 (Feb 20 1833-Aug 2 1890)
1. George Albert born April 13 1850 married Elizabeth Blount in 1872
{Harrison County Marriage Records A-D 1845-1880 states George A. Bryant married Phebe E. Peacock Feb 25 1872}
i. Frank Otis
ii. Roy
iii. Mary Ellen married William Jacobson
2. Thomas Otis Oct 6 1857-Jan 5 1858
3. Minnie H. married Stanley M Haas June 15 1898 (Sept 7 1872 Worth county MO son of Henry and Martha J. Frost Haas. His sister Stella E. married Charles D. Neff of Fayette, IA. His brother W.H. is a jeweler and optician at Bethany, MO.)
i. Thorton Henry born Nov 3 1901
ii. Stella Pauline born Nov 22 1908
iii. Martha L. born July 12 1906
iv. Melvin B. born July 12 1913 was an undertaker in Bethany MO.
Mr and Mrs Bryant lived in Bethany. H.O. Bryant started the first regular hotel in Mt Moriah about 1860, was the postmaster there, the county clerk of Harrison County 1864-41866, treasurer Bethany City Government.

Will of Henry O. Bryant
-my eldest son George A. Bryant
-my second eldest son Thomas Bryant
-Minnie Bryant, my daughter
-my wife, Louise J Bryant
-Jonathan M Bryant, exe.
written out Sept 1877
witnessed by A.T. Shaeffer and S.D. Logan
probabated 6 Feb 1877

1860 Harrison County Census
Henry 33y
Lucinda J 26y
George 10y
Thomas 2y

(ok...George Albert was the son of Henry O. and Nancy Ellen by dates. but Thomas Otis was born Oct 6 1857.....Nancy died in 1855, he married Loue Jane in 1859? one of these dates can't be right.....???)

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