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John Bryant

son of James Bryant & Jane Guerrant born Jan 01 1760 in Cumberland Co VA died July 4 1833 in Lancaster, Garrad Co, KY. He married Mary Owsley May 25 1786 in Stanford, Lincoln Co, KY daughter of Thomas Owsley and Mary Middleton. John served 15 months as a private and sergeant under Captain Hughes and Porter and Colonels Nelson, Randolph, and Goode as a volunteer in the Virginia line. At the time of his 1st enlistment May 1780 he was a resident of Powhatten Co, VA. was in the Battle of Guilford March 15 1871. after the war he was awarded a land grant in Kentucky. He went there as a civil engineer, one report stated he was with the survey party of Daniel Boone. Bryantsville, KY may have been named in honor of John Bryant. There is a Bryant family cemetery in Bryantsville.
His great grandfather Jacques Briand, was born in LaMilliere, France, and came to the Americas sometime before 1700 to settle with other Huguenots in Manakin, VA. John Bryant served in the Revolutionary War. He enlisted in Powhatten Co, VA under Captain Robert Hughes. The company marched to Williamsburg under General Charles Scott, and then to Yorktown under General Thomas Nelson. His enlistment began in 1780. Pension File No. W8390.
In 1824, John served as sheriff of Garrard Co.
In 1803 , the old Sugar Creek Baptist Church was built on John's land. The Lancaster Christian Church was formed in the county seat , a few miles away on 8 Dec 1827. In 1831 , the Lancaster disciples began meeting in the Sugar Creek Meeting House. They remained there until 1835. Sometime later, the Sugar Creek Church was renamed, the Antioch Christian Church.
John Bryant is buried with his wife and an infant daughter Elizabeth, in a private cemetery about 2 miles north of Lancaster, about 50 yards south of the intersection of Lexington Road (US 27) and Bastin Road. There are steps leading from the shoulder of the road up to the cemetery, as well as a large sign with John's name on it.
The following is the text of a letter about the war record of John Bryant. It was copied from"The Family Record of George Smith Bryant and Keziah Arnold Bryant and Their Family Histories." compiled by Maria A. Gregg, published 1901.
Bureau of Pensions
Washington DC
March 27 1897
In reply to your request for a statement of the military record of John Bryant a soldier of the War of the Revolution, I have to advise that he made application for pension on August 29 1832, at which time he was a resident of Garrard Co, KY and 72 years of age having been born in Cumberland County, VA on January 1 1760.
His pension was granted August 22 1832 which he drew to the date of his death. He served fifteen months as a private and sergeant under Captain Hughes and Porter and Colonels Nelson, Randolph, and Goode as a volunteer in the Virginia troops. At the time of his first enlistment ,May 1780, he was a resident of Powhatten Co, VA. During the war he was engaged in the Battle of Guilford. He married Mary Owsley in Lincoln Co, KY on May 25 1786 and he died July 4 1833. His widow applied for and recieved a pension. From the data given it does not appear that his father James Bryant made application. However he does make mention in his declaration for pension that his second enlistment was a substitute for one James Bryant , though the relationship is not stated.
Very Respectfully,
D.I. Murphy
This letter was sent to Mr J.C. Bryant in care of W.C. Pettis, Esquire

More about John Bryant and Mary Owsley
marriage May 25 1786 Stanford, Lincoln Co, KY
their children are:
i. George Smith Bryant b. April 18 1789 in Garrard Co, KY d. August 5 1850 Hickman Mills MO
ii. James G. Bryant b. March 3 1787 d. Feb 13 1840
iii. John Bryant b. March 29 1788 d. Nov 18 1788
iv. Abner Bryant b. Jan 30 1791 d. July 18 1820
v. Elizabeth Bryant b. Oct 8 1792 d. Oct 9 1792
vi. Mary Bryant b. Sept 24 1793 d.June 09 1814
vii. Edmund L Bryant b. March 4 1795 d. Sept 28 1865
viii. Thomas Owsley Bryant b. April 30 1796 d. Jan 27 1845
ix. Jonathon O. Bryant b. Jan 15 1798 d. Sept 25 1879
x. Jane Bryant b. June 29 1800 d. Oct 18 1866
xi. Patience Bryant b. Feb 9 1802 d. Oct 30 1881
xii. John Bryant b. July 19 1804 d. Sept 23 1805
xiii. Sallie Bryant b. Sept 7 1806 d. April 24 1878
xiv. Daniel E Bryant b. Sept 17 1811 d. May 23 1851


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Bryantsville, KY was named for James Guerrant Bryant, John and Mary Owsley Bryant's son:

"JAMES GUERRANT BRYANT: The town of Bryantsville, Kentucky, founded 9 Feb. 1836 was named for James G. Bryant. Here is the text of the legislation which established the town: Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, that the town now laid off and created in the county of Garrard, near the Burnt tavern, on the land of James Bryant, shall be and the same is hereby established and known by the name of "Bryantsville," and that James G. Bryant, William Daniel and Samuel M. Graham, be, and they are hereby appointed trustees of said town." (fron: The Central Record, 22 Oct. 1992, Garrard Co. Ky.) James and other Bryants are buried on a knoll at the north end of town, under a cluster of trees."