Friday, March 25, 2011

Nancy Amy Bryant

born May 27 1849
married Dec 24 1865 to W.T. Foster
they were married about six months after he returned from the Civil War. They met in 1860 when she was between 11 and 12 and he was a little past 20. She was a regular student where he taught school. "Excepting her grey eyes, she is as near her father, mentally and physically, as a woman can be like a man..." quote W.T. Foster.
1. Loren Mae born Oct 28 1866 Salem MO died March 21 1893
married T.J. Wyatt April 24 1892 . he was born Feb 24 1862 Schuyler County, MO)
i. Nan R. born March 3 1893 took the place of her mother in the Foster family
2. Gilly Ione born Sept 11 1868 Daviess county MO married W.H. Westfall Aug 20 1890
i. Cora Bliss born July 21 1892 Randolph Co MO
ii. Bessie born May 25 1898 Randolph co MO
3. Lulu E. born Aug. 1 1871 Gallatin, MO married W.G. Beck of Portland Oregon. No children.
4. Dick Barnett born Dec 2 1873 Bethany MO married Cora B. Evans June 19 1892
i. Donald B. born sept 1893 married Lenora Layton of KS
5. Charles Edgar born Feb 20 1878 Chillicothe, MO married Anna Semens of St Joe MO
March 6 1899
i. Jane R. Dec 21 1909-Dec 7 1912
ii. Charles E. Jr. born Feb 23 1903
6. Ned W. born Dec 19 1880 Chillicothe , MO married Leona Pearl O'Neil of St Joe MO
i. Margaret Wayne born March 10 1904 St Joe Mo
7. Ida Grace born Dec 3 1886 Burlington, IA died Feb 18 1899 Antioch Cemetery, Harrison Co,
8. Ralph D. born April 25 1893 St Joe MO

WT Foster wrote a Bryant history that my Grandmother Grace Brown had possession of and let me borrow years ago....I received some stuff when they cleaned out Grandma's house for the sale, but don't think it was in there. maybe she had borrowed it from someone and returned it...

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