Friday, March 25, 2011

Samuel J. Bryant

born June 13 1854 Indiana married Sally S. "Sarah" Reynolds June 20 1875
1.Elsie J. married William L. Belieu Feb 14 1897 he died June 28 1900. Their daughter
Zoe was born Feb. 25 1899. Her second marriage was to John Bailey.
2.Bessie B. 1869-1954 Meriam Cemetery Bethany MO
married Fred Bartlet Dec 2 1893
i. Iona born Dec 2 1895 married Paul Blakely
ii. Leila married Cady R. Hook March 25 1907
a. Willam Bryant Hook born March 23 1925
iii. George born Feb 16 1889 died Dec 8 1902
3. Mary Alice
4. James Thomas
5. Nancy Amy

Mary Alice Bryant born April 29 1859 Harrison County MO died Sept 16 1934 age 75y4m17d Winona MO. Married Feb 4 1875 to Philip Higdon. He died Jan 8 1907. She married Nov 21 1916 J.H. McMican. He died OCt 29(30) 1925. She was 15 when she married Philip, had her first child at age 16 (her 17th birthday was 5 months away). She was a grandmother at 36 and a great grandmother at 55. Familiarly known as "Mrs. Mc" and "Mother Mac." Member of Christian Church 50 years. Took pride in the fact that she was related to the famous William Cullen Bryant. "The community has lost one of its....most beautiful characters. (Rev. L.R. Norton in her obituary.)
Children listed under Bryant-Higdon.

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