Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Shafer Family by Pauline Shafer Axsom

George Washington Shafer born March 22 1862-died Jan 21 1937. On dec 25 1882 he married Rose Ellen Oxford of Cainsville, Mo. She was born October 15 1868 and died May 4 1933. They had 3 sons and 3 daughters.
1. Orville Leroy Shafer who died of diptheria or strep throat around the age of 30. He never married.
2. Alpha Shafer born Jan 29 1890 and died Dec 1942. Married Archie Kindred (? his last name ran off edge of page, could be Kinders. I'm sure I asked her, but didn't write it down on this handwritten copy she gave me...)Their children:
1. Roscoe Fay born Feb 24 1909
2. Raymond Floyd born July 6 1911
3. Una Fern born August 18 1915
4. Lillian Lucille born Jan 13 1918
Archie died of smallpox & is buried in Colorado. Alpha married Peter Van Zuyen and lived in Idaho.
5. Maurice Van Zuyen born Jan 14 1922
6. Harold Paul Van Zuyen born May 2 1924
3. John William Ross Shafer born June 9 1892 and died of diabetes June 9 1938. He was a WWI soldier. He married Amanda Craig October 10 1919.
children on next post!

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Constable said...

George Washington Shafer is my Great Great Grandfather. I was wondering what other info and maybe pictures you might have. Pearl Cochran, his daughter, is my Great Grandmother, her daughter, Lois Booth, is my Grandmother and Linda is her daughter, my mother. Any information would be greatly appreciated. I simply loved your info I just found on "all the nuts in the tree" and had never seen a picture of my great great grandparents or knew my Great Aunt Inez's First name, simply wonderful! Please e-mail me: - Thank you!