Thursday, April 14, 2011

Grace Maxwell Brown

aka Grandma Grace passed away this morning under hospice care at Sunnyview Nursing Home in Trenton, MO. she was 94. she had a pretty good life until just the last little bit. Grandma taught me how to crochet and bake. whenever I'd lie about something she'd just nod her head like she believed me when I knew she didn't. she was a working mom back when such a thing was unheard of. she sewed and quilted and raised a huge garden and canned. she did cameo painting on fabric. she threw huge family dinners. she made the best hot rolls and apple dumplings. She only got to go to school until 8th grade and then had to go to work. She raised her family during WWII rationing. she mowed the yard and their lake lot. she made curtains for the windows of their camper. she made entire meals to take to the field when my dad and grandpa were farming. she grew beautiful flowers. she loved babies....when I was first married and babysat a newborn, she would come to help me and rock little Chelsea for hours on end. she was so excited when our daughter Koren was born....her first great grandchild. She was a good woman and I will miss her, but I know she was ready to go and her body just gave out. it's still hard to think of Christmas without her. I will always think of my grandma Grace in her bib overalls, rolled up to her knees, out mushroom hunting. Love you, Grandma!

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