Thursday, September 1, 2011

Kylene Bronder

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Kylene Bronder's Anniversary
June 4 2005

Today is the one year anniversary of the passing of my friend, Kylene Bronder. Last summer, June 4, Kylene was working at a local stable when a horse kicked her in the chest. No one had seen the accident happen and no one is exactly sure how it happened but she was found 10 minutes later. She was rushed to the hospital where she went into cardiac arrest about an hour later. She was an awesome girl and was very sweet. She loved everyone even though they were different from her. Kylene played basketball, volleyball, soccer, and violin. I think about her a lot. In orchestra, I look over and wonder where Kylene went because I miss seeing her smile everyday. She was human like the rest of us and learned from her mistakes. She was a true believer in God and a beautiful writer. Kylene kept a prayer journal full of remarkable entries to God & Jesus. Kylene is truly an inspiration to us all.
There was a little memorial thing at the cemetery where she was buried. We all wrote down how she impacted our lives and and tied the cards to balloons and let them go. When the balloons pop up then people learn about Ky. It was a bittersweet day. It was bitter because we were all crying because we miss her, but yet sweet because we were celebrating her. I know I'll see her again when the time is right and I can't wait!

written by a girl named MaryJo.

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