Thursday, September 1, 2011

April 16 1989-June 4 2004
"People don't like to be alone-everyone needs a friend."
"Lord God, I ask right now that would open my eyes for tomorrow and if I see anyone that I can help or talk to or even smile at that you would give me the courage to do it." Kylene-5-18-2004
Kylene Rilling Bronder
Shy, Beautiful (inside and out), Determined, Responsible, Adventurous, Loveable, Likeable, Leader, and oh yes, with Attitude!
Honors student, starter on her freshman Volleyball and basketball teams, (captain on the BB team due to her leadership by example), team leader in her church youth group, honors Orchestra, volunteer at the stables, and best friend to many.
Eager to please God and a yearning desire to be Christ-like as evidenced in her prayers. Her determination was to be her best in all she did for God. She wasn't satisfied with mediocre, which showed in everything she did, even how she loved her dozens of best friends. Her love and her heart were Heaven bound.
Kylene was humble, not thinking of herself as better than others. There was a fulness beyond description and love for life in all she chose to participate in.
As a 15-year-old, Kylene was not afraid to hold her mom or dad's hand in public...she was not swayed by peer pressure, her priorities were on pleasing God.
One of my favorite prayers from her journal is, "Now, God, I am going to ask myself a question again, and you already know the answer, and I would ask you would show it to me, not by telling me, but by letting me experience it. What would more look like in my life. More you, Lord; More Love; Forgiveness; Kindness. God, I really want to add all these things to my life, so please pour out your blessing, because I need them even for this."
Why he chose to end Ky's life here, we do not understand. But we trust in His love, and Power, and know that she is ALIVE with Him. It is hard for the heart to feel what the mind knows; so we cling to the verse that says, "Be still and know that I am God."
What if today is your last day? Where do you stand with God? Ky was ready to meet her Savior face to face. Are you?
Start today by sharing your heart with Him. Cry out to Him in your sorrow, your angers, your joys. Ask Him to show you truth. What do you have to lose? If you trust in Him and He doesn't come through, you have lost nothing. We promise you that He will. You just have to be available to let Him show you.

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