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The children of John & Millisent Higdon were:
1-John Higdon
2-Charles Higdon
3-Benjamin Higdon
4-Mary Simes (Semmes) Higdon
5-Thomas Higdon
6-William Higdon

John Higdon son of John And Millisent Higdon, married Bathia Semmes, daughter of Anthony Semmes. They had three children. He died 1735 when his will was probated. Benjamin Higdon married Margaret. They had two sons: Abraham & John Baptist Higdon.

William married Jane.
The children of William and Jane were:
1-Benjamin Higdon b. Dec 11 1733
2-William Higdon b.Feb 21 1735
4-Ignatius Higdon b. Aug 12 1740
5-Susana Higdon b. June 5 1743
6-Martha Higdon b.Nov 13 1745
7-Clair Higdon b.Feb 2 1748

The above mentioned Benedict Leonard Higdon, son of William and Jane Higdon, is found among the records of Charles County, Md. where he was born and raised, as signing his name different legal matters as Leonard Higdon, sometimes B. Leonard Higdon, but dropping the "Benedict" altogether later, though in the parish records his full name is written Benedict Leonard Higdon.
(As a witness to a quill which he signed with his brother William; his signature is merely Leonard Higdon. The date of this will was July 4th, 1771. Reference from the Inventory Book, No.106 folio 328, Estates of late Thomas Higdon of Charles county Md., copied at Annapolis, Md. this Thomas Higdon referred to was an uncle of B. Leonard Higdon. This Thomas had married Margaret, they had two sons, Abraham & John the Baptist Higdon.)

Higdons of Maryland in Revolutionary War:
Militia List--Index--to Revolutionary War, page 98 Higdon
Benjamin Higden p.96,118
Fran Higden p.25
Ignatius Higden p.48
John B. Higden p.29,112
Joseph Higden p.112
Thomas Higden p.104
William Higden p.24,25
These men were listed as the brothers and cousins of Leonard Higdon, known as Benedict Leonard Higdon.
Benedict Leonard Higdon was a private in the Company of Captain Busby Curry-Charles County Militia 12th Battalion 1775 page 24 Index to the Revolutionary War-Militia List, Maryland Historical Society.

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Jason Higdon said...

Where did you get your information on Benedict Leonard Higdon's service record?

I am his great-great-great-great grandson.


Jason Higdon
Tenth Generation Higdon from John Higdon of Charles County, MD.