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Buildings of Canon City

aunt minerva collection
from the Historical Dept. Canon City Library Canon City CO by David Eugene Layson 1990

It's obvious what this building is from the sign ast the top-The Taggart Building. But, do you recall where it is located and anything about it's history?
It has been a business district feature for some 90 years, starting out as a dry goods store, and then covering a number of other fields of endeavor.
THe little decorative knob on the top corners and the other decoration just below the roof are features. If you can't think of the answer, you'll find it in the box at the bottom of this page.

The Answer to Buildings of Canon City
The Taggart Building is located at 318-320 Main St and it was built in the 1880s-probably the very early '80s.
In its early years,, it housed the Taggart Dry Goods, which was sold some years later to George A. BAker and C.A. Biggs, owners of Baker & Biggs Merchantile. They later built the building at Sixth and Main that is now the First National Bank.
The Taggart family has long been gone from Canon City. Frederick E. Riede recalls that the Taggart's daughter married Al Morey, who was a brother of Mrs. David L. Robison.
By 1903, after Biggs & Baker had moved to their new location, the Thomas & Diegel Auto Livery occupied the Taggart Building. Five years later, Frank L. (Peanut) Bunten had his garage there.
Mr. Riede remembers that Clyde Farmer, long a leading figure in the automotive business in this area, also had his garage there for several years.
In more recent history, the building has served as a storage warehouse, and also the location of Van Riper Motors. When the Taggart Building was erected, it was right in the middle of the business section-the 300 block of Main was the busiest in town.

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