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The State Historical Society of Missouri

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James W Goodrich Director
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February 12 1991
David E. Layson
509 Ellsworth
Canon City, Colorado 81212

Dear Mr. Layson,
Because the towns you cited are in several different counties, the task of tracing your family may be a bit more difficult. All counties kept their records and to obtain records such as marriages, births, deaths and wills before the turn of the century, one must contact appropriate agency in each county. Please see the enclosed information sheet, "vital records."

From the MISSOURI POST OFFICES 1804-1981, Robert G. Schultz, these towns were listed wtih their county and dates these towns were post officeds:
Taggart Harrison County 1886-1903
Bethany Harrison Coutny 1850-present
Melbourne Harrison County 1897-1977
Gallatin Daviess County 1838-present
Trenton Grundy County 1842-present

There was also a Tagert Mills in Carroll County from 1858-1861
Wein Chariton County 1873-1903
Marcelline Linn County 1887-present

We have very few printed, indexed sources for Harrison County, but in the listing for the I.O.O.F. Cemetery in Bethany (Miriam Cem.) there were these LAYSON:
Bert L. 1881-1947
Lura C. 1884-1959
Garland P. 1904-1948

We also have an index to the 1860 Harrison County Census and these LAYSON:
(handwritten into text "my great grandfather, my great grandmother")
family #1454 James F. Layson, 31 Ky, Jemima 31 TN, Elizabeth B. 10 Ill, Mary A. 6 Ill, John C. 4 MO (handwritten "my grandfather"), and Alfred N. 1 month MO.
family #1455 Westley Layson 33 KY, Elizabeth 28 Ill, alice 6 Ill, Casandra 4 MO, and Vincent 2 MO.

In the index to the statewide 1870 census, Volume 1 (counties above the Missouri River) there were several LAYSON, but none in Harrison County. They were in Platt, Ralls, Montgomery, and Putnum counties. Later census should be checked, but we canont search the microfilm for you. You could have access to the microfilm census (see enclosed "census" sheet).

This is all that we can do for you from our printed, indexed sources of Harrison County. There is no Harrison County Historical Society, but there is a Grundy county Genealogical Society, Secretary Maradyn E. Oyler, 1715 E. 8th Trenton Missouri 64683. Please read over the enclosed information sheets and you may find a way to proceed. You would be most welcome to visit the Society.
Elizabeth Bailey (Mrs.)
Reference Specialist

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