Saturday, February 11, 2012

Genealogical Line

aunt minerva collection. any typos my responsibility.

1. John Higdon b. 1649 He was a planter in Charles county, Maryland, married Millisent. They had a son William Higdon.
2. William Higdon was born in Charles county, Maryland. He married Jane. They had a son Benedict Leonard Higdon.
3. Benedict Leonard Higdon, born August 6 1738 in Charles County, Maryland. He was in the Company of Captain Benjamin Lusby Curry of the Charles County Militia, 12th Battalion 1775. He had a son Leonard Higdon.
4. Leonard Higdon born in Charles County Maryland. He married about 1793, and migrated to North Carolina, first settling on the Pee Dee River in Richmond County, then moving to Burke county NC where his son Leonard Higdon 3rd was born in 1795.
5. Leonard Higdon 4th, was born May 10th 1828 in Burke County, North Carolina, in that part which in 1850 became known as Jackson County. He married Mary Ann McClure, Nov. 7 1853. She was born SEpt. 14 1835. They had a son Nimrod Higdon.
7. Nimrod Higdon, born July 4 1854 grew up in Georgia. At the age of 21 he went to Texas and made his home in Quinlin. He maried Louie Gaston at Payne Town, Hunt County, Texas, in 1882. They had a daughter Linnie Higdon.
8. Linnie Higdon born April 1 1885 in Quinlin Texas and grew up there. She married C.N. Hodges and is now living at Lloilo, Phillipine Islands.

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