Friday, February 10, 2012


aunt minerva collection

Potwin, Kansas

Dear Mrs. Davis;
...several years ago I become well acquainted with Mr. E.K. (Edgar)Higdon in Indianapolis, Indiana and we found that some grandfather back somewhere was the grandfather of both of us so we began to compare notes. .....then when he had served as a missionary in the Phillipines Linnie Higdon Hodges was there and was trying to trace lineage to Higdons in the Revolutionary War so that she could become a member of D.A.R. She had collected so much on the Higdon background and it seemed that we all had the same American start.

It seems that more of the early Higdons went south than otherwise, but my grandparents went to Kentucky and the grandparents of E.K. went to Iowa and Illinois.

E.K. said that in his travels, he always looked at telephone books for Higdons, so I got the habit. When I was in Pensacola, Florida. I found thirteen there so I didn't try to contact anyone. I also was there for only a short time.

I want to try to be able to visit my daughter in Alma, Neb. next week. She is Mrs. Bennie (Karen)Yount and she has three children of her own and a foster son whom they will probably adopt (Ernest 9). the children are Kenneth, age 6, Anita, who will be 5 on March 18, and Philip Benjamin who is 1.

Elsie Higdon Smith

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