Wednesday, February 8, 2012


aunt minerva collection...typed as written....all typos are of course mine...
mom notebook

Johnny Henry Gilleland

Dorcas Grigba
Coop Elevator-turn west- 1st house west of ? stree north of big red barn
(Grigsba) 362-2084

Mary (Grigsba) 6-15-1883 (94 1/2 yrs) Nov

Josiah Perry Creswell-died when a team ran off with him 1-24-1914

July 10 1977 cardiac arrest
Lloyd (Grigsba)
New Kirk Cemetery
Bobbie (Mary Louise) March 28 1973 heart
Ocie June 8 1976 heart after surgery
Donald (Wiley) 2-28-1975 heart-started to get up & fell back
NewKirk Cemetery
Lloyd (Grigsba) & Dorcas Estes Arra, Missouri was where Dorca was raised. She had one son Harley James Lloyd adopted Harley James when he was 11 months old. He now has the following children:
Nancy-15 years-adopted 16 months
Sean (Shawn) 8yr
Jessica Leigh 2yr
Harley James second marriage Linda Garrett
LeAnn Leigh and wife Hagger

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