Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Mary Grisby

aunt minerva collection...typed as written....all typos are of course mine...
mom transcribed....

Lois Utterback Information

Mary Grisby
Unco, Oklahoma
Box #5

Mary is in 80s. Unca is near Ponca City, Lloyd is MAry's son & lives north of her.
Oca Cassady lives on Uncle Griff's old farm. Her husband is dead.
Ethyl Oca's daughter lived in Colorado-her husband died and she was planning to move back to Newkirk.
Lois & Roberta Utterback can't figure out about the 2 Whitt ladies. They wre said to be of no relation. Cynthia Whitt-Susan Whitt. Cynthia Whitt was Grandmother Creswell.
On north of Lloyd's (Mary Grisby's son) is Shone & Cynthia & man(?) bachelors home. In bad repair but still standing.
The story goes that Yancy Creswell went into the forest hunting and was gone sometime. When he returned he brought with him this woman & child. The woman was full blood Cherokee.

Milly Fulkerson

Ezra Hobbs family house was the old Creswell place. Ezra Hobbs place was Uncle Griff's Creswell
Jerry Davidson place was Henry Creswells.
Jack Gihean place was Aunt Cosby's.
The Creswell's did own 1000 acres of land around Cat Creek.
Grandmothe Creswell was Cynthia Whitt .
Preston Creswell died in Civil War.

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