Monday, February 20, 2012

Harrison County Genealogy Library

aunt Minerva collection

Open Tues. & Thurs. afternoons 1-5 and Sat. afternoons 2-4 or by appt. with one of our members or librarians.
WHen you first come to the library sign the register. Put the names of the people you are researching. We publish these in our newsletter 4 times a year.
Then ask the librarian to look at the big cards which has names and where they are located. Not all are on these yet but they are being added to all the time. THere are codes to go by and the librarian can help you find these to get you started. They will help you find the books and papers where these are located and also the books that you would like to check. Most of the scrapbooks are indexed so they are easy to look through to find your name you are researching.
Next we have a corresponding file to check so see if any one else is researching your name. Be sure to check the pedigree charts and surname cards too, to see if anyone else is researching your name. This way you can write to them or contact them some way.
After you have checked the books there are microfilms, microfiche, and newspapers to check. We have newspapers of Harrison County and Census of Harrison County. (some of these are in books) & also of other counties. We have a set of microfiche of the original plats of Harrison County.
Anything you find and want copied except microfilm or microfiche, we cna do taht for you. 8x11 sheets 25cents, business size 30cents.
We are paying for our building by the month plus utilities and supplies (most supplies are donated.) These are being paid for by donations and from the sale of our published books and different sales we have during the year.
Now about the material we have for use in researching in our library. Starting at the NE corner of the room, we have school records from a lot of our country schools plus other books. Then we have annuals of different schools and colleges. Then there are telephone books of Harrison county plus other areas. After these there are directories to help write for information, and how to do genealogy. There are "Books in Print" which has authors and titles of books. Then we get into books to do our research. First, there a few books on other countries, Germany, England, Ireland, etc.
Next we start with the US in alphabetical order the different states and counties within, and they are in alphabetical order within the state, until we come to Missouri. We have histories of Missouri and Northwest Missouri, Bucananan Co., Clinton, Daviess and so on to Harrison County. Within that we have histories, census, town histories, etc. Church histories, family histories, cemetery records, and lots of scrapbooks. After Harrison county we go on to the remainder of Missouri counties. Then War Books, D.A.R. and US. Then we get into the newsletters, some we buy, some we exchange with.
We have different forms for sale plus surname cards, which all members are supposed to fill out and return to Lee Eckerson.

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