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James Creswell

aunt minerva collection

this handwritten document is in my late grandma Grace's brought tears to my eyes. I miss her so much!

James Creswell
His Son
children are Alice, Betsy, John Yancy.
Henry children marriages & their children.

Alice Creswell married Whitten Maxwell
Betsy Creswell married William Perry
John Yancy Creswell married Cynthia Whitt

Henry's daughter Alice Creswell married Whiteem Maxwell, he was born 1806 d.1894
Susy Maxwell
1.James C Maxwell b.Dec. 19 1829 d.May 16 1925
--Mary Jane Maxwell
--Henry Maxwell

Alice & Whitten son
1.James C Maxwell married Minerva Creswell 1867
--1)John Henry Maxwell
----cynthia Maxwell
---2)Thomas Witten Maxwell
---3)Mary Emilie Maxwell

Alice grandchildren/JC Maxwell children
1. John Henry Maxwell married March 27 988 Josephine Quigley
son James Franklin Maxwell born Aug 4 1903 d.Oct 1952
2. Thomas Witten Maxwell married Gilly Mae Higdon
-Mildred Evie Maxwell
-James Phillip Maxwell
-Eugene Maxwell
-Joseph Henry Maxwell
-Leland Albert Maxwell
-John Leonard Maxwell
-Leona Grace Maxwell
-Minerva Alice Maxwell

3. Mary Emilie Maxwell married Barton Utterback March 17 1901
-Harmon Utterback Jan 5 1902
-Vernon Utterback June 13 1903
_Marie Utterback Aug. 27 1907
-Lois Utterback July 3 1912
-Roberta Utterback July 29 1914
-Lorene Utterback eb 12 1917

John Yancy Creswell married Cynthia Whitt. Their children:
1.Minerva Creswell
2.Cosba Creswell
Harriet Creswell
Ballard Creswell
Lenzey Creswell
3.Soffarona Creswell
4. Erastic Creswell
Emily Creswell
5.Patric Henry Creswell
6. Griffe Scage Creswell

1. Minerva Creswell married JC MAxwell History of their families is with Alice Creswell & Whitten Maxwell.
2. Cosba Creswell-Josiaph Peery Gilliland
-John Henry Gilliland
-Lewis Preston Gilliland
-Cynthia Susan Gilliland
-Effie Soffronia Gilliland
-Effie (twin)
-Baby Boy
-Shone Emily
-Baby Boy
-George Yancy
-Mary Eve
3. Soffronia Creswell married Shirred McGowen
-Orval Peery Creswell
-John Yancy Creswell
-Maud Susan Creswell
-Henry Franklin
4/ Erastas Worth Creswell married Amanda McGowen
-Pascal Oliver Creswell
-Maggie Eva Creswell
-Ida Pacience Creswell
-Preston Yancy Creswell

5. Pactric Henry Creswell married Adda Syres
-baby boy died young
-Mildred Lucille Creswell

6, Griffe Scages Creswell married Anna Severns
-Henry Newton Creswell
-Ocie Ethel Creswell

Thomas Witten & Gilly Mae Maxwell our parets
James C Maxwell & Minerva Maxwell our grandparents
Witten & Alice Maxwell our great grandparents.
Alice Creswell maxwell was the daughter of Henry Creswell
Henry & __________ Creswell were our great great grandparents.
James Creswell was our great great great grandparent.

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