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James & Alice continued...

aunt minerva collection
photocopied handwritten document
from the folder Creswell family records
(I have included pictures of words I'm not sure of...and to show how 'ghostly' double writing....deb)

3.Children of Manerva Creswell Maxwell (daughter of John Y. and Cyntha Whitt Creswell) and James C. Maxwell (son of Alice Creswell Maxwell and Whitten Maxwell)
born to James-wife Manerva Maxwell
#1. John Henry Maxwell
#2. Adda Maxwell (died when small)
#3. Tomas Whitten Maxwell
#4. Mary Emily (Emma) Maxwell SEpt 29 1875
#5. twin boy died at birth
#6. twin girl died at birth

(I am typing exactly as written. some of these names are mispelled...)

John Henry married Jocie Quigley
#1. Franklin Maxwell

Thomas Whitten & Gillie Gamble was married
(my great grandma was Gilly Higdon....deb)

Mary Emily (Emma) Maxwell married Bart Utterback MArch 17 1901
#1. Harmon Utterback
#2. Vernon Utterback
#3. Lois Utterback
#4. Roberta Utterback
#5. Lorane Utterback
two children died small
one girl Mrs. Harry Dority Dicsed (deceased)

children of Tomas Whitten Maxwell and Gillie Gambie Maxwell (I see....they are using this as her middle name...which was May. or Mae? hhhmmmmm....)
#1. Eve Mildred Maxwell
#2. Jim Maxwell
#3. Leland Maxwell
#4. John Maxwell
#5. Grace Maxwell
#6. Minerva Maxwell (this added in different ink in Aunt Minerva's handwriting!)

Born to Causba Creswell Gilleland (daughter of John Yancy and Cynthy Creswell) and Josiah Perry Gillelands Family

Born John Henry Gilleland born Dec. 9 1866
Lewis Preston Gillenald OCt 14 1868
Cynthia Susan Ann Gilleland June 27 1871
Effie Sufronia Gilleland Feb 18 1872
Baby Boy died at birth
Shone Emily Gilleland Jan 17 1877
Baby boy died at birth
George Yancy Gilleland Aug 20 1880
Mary Eva Gilleland June 15 1883

Mary Eva Gilleland married Clyaton James Grgsba Dec. 2 1907
born to Mary Eva G. Grigsba-Clayton James Grigsba
Loyd George Grigsba born June 12 1909
Mary Louise (Bobbie) Grigsba born May 8 1912
Joe James Grigsba born April 12 1919

Marriage Loyd George married Darcas Estic Feb 19 1943
no children
a step son Harley James Grigsba

Mary Louise Grigsba married Gene Cooper May 1940 no children

Saffrona Creswell (daughter John Yancy & Cynthy Creswell) married Shirred McGowen
children of Saffrona-Shirred McGowen
#1. Orval Perry McGowen born Jan 1874
#2. John Yancy McGowen born July 5 1876
#3. Maude Susan McGowen born April 20 1879
#4. Frnklin Henry McGowen

marriage Orval Perry McGown married Viola in Colorado. no children.
one adopted son Yancy McGowen

Maude Susan married Press Harlem
born a boy died small

6. Erastis Worth Creswell son of John Yancy and Cynthy Whitt Creswell) married Amanda McGown
children born to Erastic Worth & Amanda McGowen Creswell
1. Pascoe Oliver Creswell born Feb 1874
#2. Magga Eva Creswell born Feb 1876
#3. Ida Pacience Creswell
#4. Preston Yancy Creswell born May 1 1886 Saturday

Pascal Oliver Creswell married Carrie Alice Truex one daughter by first wife
#1. Nellie May Creswell born May 23 1900
don't know how many children he and last wife had, one boy and some girls

Nellie May Creswell married Clint Hughes
#1. Edella Martise Hughes married Buck Hhenderson
#2. Doris Hughes married Harry Pilkington
#3. Nelma Hughes married Gene Buers
#4. Cling Hughes Jr. wife Joan
#5. Wane Hughes OK.

Magga Eva Creswell married Fred Shipp, no children

Ida Patiance Creswell married __________ Sipes
#1. Mildred Sipes

Milded Sipes married a (can't read, see picture) of Moses
Mildred & husband have on girl Alvina
#1. Alvina Moses born Dec. 7 1925

Patric Henry Creswell (son of John Yancy and Cynthy Whitt Creswell) married Adda Syres
born to this union
#1. Mildred Lucele Creswell born October 1883

Mildred Lucele Creswell married a Fulkerson. their children I don't know.

bottom of this page says (unfinished) Ot

8. Children of Griffie Scags Creswell (son of John Yancy & Cynthy Whitt Creswell) & anna Severns Creswell
#1. Henery Nuton Creswell born Sept. 16 1888
#2. Ocie Ethel Creswell b. March 6 1892

Henry Newton Creswell married Edna Oldfield
#1. Ruth Heneretta Cresell

Ruth Heneretta Creswell married Brick Carter
#1. Buck Carter
#2. Henry Creswell Carter
#3. Connie Ruth Carter

Connie Ruth Carter married James Phillips Oct 11 1964

Ocie Ethel Creswell and Guy Cassity married
#1. Vern Cassity married Leona
#2. Ethel Cassity Feb 9 1914

Vern Cassity married Leona
#1. Gary Cassity b.Nov 10 1932

Gary Cassity married Paty Buger
#1. Palma Lee Cassity b. Feb 12 1955
#2. Terri Lynn Cassity b. Feb 28 1956
#3. Christie Louise Cassity b. Aug 12 1958
#4. Sandrie Leigh Cassity b. Sept 19 1960

John Yancy Creswell's parents (Grandfather)
Susanah (Susy) Creswell deceased June 20 1848
Henry Creswell deceased June 21 1834

Harriet Creswell deceased Dec 15 1842
daughter of John Yancy and wife Cynthy Creswell
died in Virgina with Scarlet Fever


Nancy Whitt daughter of Milbern and Mahal his wife was born Feb 20 1825

Hannah Whitt daughter of Milbern-Mahala Whitt, his wife, was born Jan 26 1827

Henry Creswell son of James-Alice Creswell was married to Susy Whitt on Tuesday April 19 1804

this is all the record I have of Grand Mother Whitt Ceswell. Edna may have more, I will write her.

Aunt Manda McGowen Creswell sent this out of their Bible when she lived in Topeka Kans.

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