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James and Alice Creswell lived in ?

aunt minerva collection
handwritten...there is only writing on one side of each page, but it looks like ink has bleed thru...there is faded backwards handwriting as well...willdo the best I can! using exact spellings as I can make them out.

James & Alice Creswell lived in (Ireland? I'm guessing!)
Henry (son of JAmes and wife Alice Creswell) was born July 11 1781.
Henry Creswell's wife Susy Whitt no relative of Grandma Creswell. was born Jan. 19 1781.
Henry Creswell and wife Susoma (Susy) Whitt (Creswell) was married Tuesday April 19 1804.
Born to Henry-Susy Whitt Creswell
Alice Creswell born Tuesday Nov 19 1805.
Betsy Elizebeth Creswell July 23 1808.
John Yancy Creswell Wedensday Aug. 24 1814
marrage of Henry-Susy Creswells' children:
Alice Creswell married Whitten MAxwell MArch 4 1827.
Betsy (Elizabeth) Creswell adn William Peery July 23 18__.
John Yancy Creswell and Cynthy Whitt OCt 15 1837.
chldren born to Alice Creswell Maxwell Whitten Maxwell
1.Susy C. Maxwell Monday May 12 1828
2.James C Maxwell Saturday Dec 17 1829
3.Mary Jane Maxwell Wed. Dec 26 1832
4.Henry Maxwell Tuesday June 4 1835
5.Frank Maxwell
Betsy Creswell was married in Virgina, haven't any record of their family.
(from Mary Grigsby/Cresswell family Roberta Utterback & Minerva Brown these copies.)

James & Alice Creswell lived in Ireland their son Henry Creswell born in Ireland came to Amarica alone when a small boy stod away on a Ship (his parance died know he was leaving if I remember right he hid in among some sacks of wool If I am romg and you know correct me)

Susy Whitt (Henry's wife) was not related to Grandma Whitt Creswell theydidn't live in Grandma neighberhood.

2.John Yancy Creswells on of Herny and wife Susy Whitt Creswell and Cyntha Whitt was married Oct 15 1837.
born to John Yancy-Cyntha Creswell
1.Manirva Creswell born Tuesday July 31 1838
2.Causba Creswell born Dec 24 1839
3.Harrit Creswell born Oct 6 1841. (died in Virgina with Scarlet Feaverf Dec 1842)
4.Ballard Preston Creswell july 25 1843 (lost in the march to Geroga in the Cival War took from home sick)
5.Louisa (Lienzy) Creswell born Oct 21 1845. died while they lived in Iowa with Typhoid Fever buried 5 or 6 miles north west of Patterson, Iowa Madison Co.
6.Suffrona Creswell born Dec 29 1847.
7.Erastic Worth Creswell born Nov 26 1849
8.Emily Creswell born Dec 31 1852
9.Patric Henry Creswell born april 2 1855
10.Grifie Scags Creswell born May 23 1857.
Minerva Creswell married James C Maxwell
Causba Creswell married Josiah Peery Gilleland
Saffrona Creswell married Shired McGown
Erastic Worth Creswell married Amanda McGown
Emily Creswell married Charley Severns (no children)
Patric Henry Creswell married Adda Syers
Griffie Scags Creswell married Anna Severns

to be continued....

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I think your grandma Creswell Whitt and Susanna Whitt are related. They are both in my tree.

I can show you what I have and see if you agree.

Great job on your blog. I found it interesting. I found it researching my family tree.