Wednesday, February 8, 2012

the last few pages of the blue notebook....

aunt minerva collection...typed as written....all typos are of course mine...
found these interesting...not genealogy related, but a part of aunt minerva's life...and all parts of our life are family history.....

CSD 1 Acc A $3519.34
Bank 1 note $4388.17
(totaled $8207.51)
Moore's Monument $808.90
Moore's Farm Supply

next page...
Hoffman Reed
Landes Oil Co
Martin Marietta

last page...
Big Bay Window
8'6" wide
80" long big window

2 7'
1 8' apron
1 10' 1x2 oak
2 7 1x2 oak
check out to Gilman for side pieces on window

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