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Mitchell Cemetery-1964

aunt minerva collection
typewritten document

Located in Harrison County, T62N-R24 (a black mark), Section 26. It is approximately 1 1/2 miles over border of Grundy County, and is important to our records because of those families from Grundy County, buried there; also, because of the number of service men buried there. The following clipping from the Trenton Republican Times offers further information regarding the cemetery:

"A headstone in the Mitchell Cemetery, four miles east of Gilman City, and one miles west of Melbourne, dated 1840 is proof that the cemetery is the oldest in the area. The fact was realized by persons visiting the cemetery on Decoration Day. The cemetry is unusual not only in its age but in that in it is buried a relative of Abraham Lincoln and negro slaves.
It is a small cemetery and because of neglect and no proper markings, a score of graves are believed to be lost. The graves were not laid out in rows but were selected at random. The cemetery is now cared for by Sherman Payne and Gilbert Gamble from funds received by donations and from royalities from the New Diamond coal mine, which is nearby.
More than 30 Civil War veterans, both union and southern soldiers, and Spanish American War were buried in the cemetery. Flags are place on the veteran's graves each Decoration Day by the American Legion of Gilman City.
The cemetery was named for William Mitchell, who with his wife Sally Conduitt Mitchell, and six children, came to Missouri from Kentucky as a pioneer in a covered wagon in October 1837, and entered government land for which he paid the government 90 cents an acre. The Mitchell home was built on land now owned by Mr. and Mrs. Lew Dunn.
A Negro slave, named Luce, was given to Mrs. Mitchell by her father at the time of her marriage. A relative of Luce, a young Negro boy named Charlie who had come to live with her, died after a short illness. As there was no cemetery in the country, Charlie was buried in the Mitchell yard.
The next year, 1840, Mr. Mitchell's wife, Sally, died and was buried beside the Negro boy. Other settlers moving into the country asked that they might bury their dead beside the others. Mr. Mitchell set aside a portion of his land for this, known as the Mitchell Cemetery.
After the death of Mrs. Mitchell, Luce cared for the Mitchell children. Mr. Mitchell bought from Archibald Peery for $100.00 a Negro named Stephenie, who later married Luce. Instead of taking the name of their master, Mitchell, as was the custom, they took the nameof Johnson after President Johnson. At the time of his death, Mitchell gave the Negroes their freedom. 40 acres of land, stock, and machinery. This 40 acres of land is a part of the farm now owned by Mr. and Mrs. Roy Waggoner. Among the papers of William Mitchell was a tax receipt dated 1858 that showed in that year on 55.71 acres of land he paid $11.94 in taxes. The tax collector was Charlie Cravens.
At the present time (1952?)there are two living grandchildren of William & Sally Mitchell. (check Coon Creek records for Peery dates.) They are: MRs. Alice Mitchell Peery, 96, Gilman City, and Ella Willis Smith, 90, Long Beach, Calif.
The relative of Abraham Lincoln, buried in the Mitchell Cemetery was Elizabeth Dillon, who was a sister of Nancy Hanks, mother of Lincoln. Elizabeth Dillon was a Hanks and first married to a Ray and was the grandmother of Tony and Frank Ray and the late John and Jim Ray, all of this community.
One centenarian, Margaret Herrin Couch, mother of Mrs. John Hughes of Melbourne, is buried in the Mitchell Cemetery.
Near the year 1880, the church was built, where it now stands. Willis B. Mitchell, son of William and Sally, donated a large portion of the timber from which the lumber was sawed and with the help of others, the church was built. The church was a union church, non-denominational, and could be used by any group. (in small handwritten print is inserted: Bought Mar 20 1883 For $25.00 from WM. I. Booram, filed for record Aug 16 1884 fee 75 cents, Bethany Mo)
First trustees of the church were Robie Burrill, Benny Dewitt, and Tom Oram.
The church is now in poor repair and cannot be used for services. In the church yard, under the lofty trees, Decoration Day services are held each year and are attended by persons from all parts of the state."

handwritten list of names....
these names are in 3 rows.
I will list them as with the column headings on each piece of paper (1,2, 3, etc.)....

Column 1
Anna Terry (Layson)
Buck Terry
Emma Brown
Dora M Brown
Thomas A Brown

Laura E Ellis

Alice Brown
John A Brown

Oma Herrin
Charles E Vance

Cary Kent Rice
Connie Marie Rice

William I.Scott

Eddy Don Gamble

Lucille Terry
Joe E. Terry
Ruth Terry Carpenter
Linda Sue Terry
Mary Jane Johnson
LEslie M. Lovell
Virgil R. Lovell
Beverly A Lovell

Bertha Gamble
J.E. Gamble

Lewis N. Dunn
Mary Alice Dunn

Column 2
John M. Ray
(located between Alice Borwn/John R Brown & Hila Herrin/John W Herrin)

Jack L. Scott (located between William I. Scott & William S. Terry/SArah B. Terry, John Terry

Larry Max Jennings Jr. (located between Eddy Don Gamble and Margaret JAne Terry/Lorenzo Dow Terry

Nolan Terry Jr. (located between Ruth Terry Carpenter and Mary L. Herrin

column 3
Jamie Holt
George Holt

Lorenzo S Terry
Alice M. Terry

Kate Shoemaker

Jack Herrin

Hila Herrin
John W. Herrin

Nellie inf. dau. of John & Hila Herrin

Buell Edward Scott

William S. Terry
Sarah B. Terry

John W. Terry

Margaret Jane Terry
Lorenzo Dow Terry

Mary L.Herrin

MAry C. Chaney
George W. Chaney

Minnie C. Burrell
Lester O. Burrell

column 46
Thomas Williams
Inf. son of T.B. & L. Williams

Inf. dau. of ? White
? White


Elizabeth White
Emma GArdner

W.J. Tenhulzen
Baby Tenhulzen

William J. Tenhulzen
Laura L. Tenhulzen

Alice Tenhulen Colwell

Inice Timmons
Pearl H. Timmons

Dale Timmons
Edmond Dale Timmons

Harold D. Timmons

William Herbert Mather
Hannah MAther
Carrie Fay Lockridge

Column 56
George W. Hatfield


Max D. Watkins
Mildred K. WAtkins
Olin J. Watkins

Essie Watkins
Walter Watkins
Small smooth stone

Dollie Watkins
Lloyd Watkins

Jennie Huffman
Oleath Huffman

Mildred Gardner

MArley Vandyke
Inf. dau. Vandyke

Omar N. Chaney
Beryle Gean Watkins
Dollie Watkins
Bert Watkins

column 66
Serea? Vandyke
Charley Vandyke

Martha Vandyke


ISrael Vandyke
Emily J. Vandyke

native stone

native stone

large gray Charles W. Booram and Gertie Ward Boorman

Sarah Booram
William F. Booram

Fannie Booram
J.Elmer Booram

W.H. Vance
Millard Vance

M.A. Vance

Henry A. Vance
Emma Vance

Robert Allen Vance/John Richard Vance {pink}

column 4
Lloyd W. Lockridge

Bert Griffith


John D Griffith

Edna V Shepherd
Willie Shepherd
Inf. dau of E.& W. Shepherd

Inf. son of WE & EV Shepherd
Inf. son of G.W. & H.M. Shepherd

Catherine Corbin

B.H. Corbin
Lula B. Corbin

ruth corbin
W.H. Corbin

Willis G. Chaney

Elizabeth Chaney

Grace Chaney dau. GW & MC

Robert Williams
Frances M. Williams

John Lock

Frank Miller

C.G. Miller
? child

column 5
R. Boylan

Easter Terry
H.R. Boylan
Annie Terry (Shepherd)
Geor E. Boylan
Frankie O. Boylan
Welthy Boylan
SAmuel H. Shepherd

Ulric Z. Shepherd
Sarah C. Shepherd {white}

Hazel Isabella Shepherd

Joseph Greenall

Arch Beverlin
Emma Beverlin

William E Beverlin

Hannah M PAyne
BenJ. F. PAyne
Martha PAyne
James I. Payne
Buell Ray PAyne

smooth stone grey Rose Ellen Scott/Jacob Scott

Addie Williams

Elizabeth Elwood

column 6
Nina Scott Gordon

? adult

? adult

MAry Scott Early

Edward D.V. Scott

? Scott

Inf. son of Ed & M>J Scott
Inf. dau. of Ed & M.J. Scott

Edrie L. Scott

Voleny E. Scott

Edith Scott

Oliver Scott

Oliver G. Scott

Lydia Margaret Scott
John W Scott

Elizabeth Scott
Caleb Scott

Audy Ford

Chesley O Ford

Forrest Lovell
Rollie Lovell
Leslie L Lovell
Buell D lovell
James H HAgerty
Inf. of CW & NA? Hagerty
Mary R. Jordan

Rose Ella Scott
Jacob Scott

Cecilia McGowan

native stone
column 76
Edward S Meader
Sarah E Hagarty
infants of BS & SE Hagerty
1885 1882
Hugh Hagerty son of JH & WJ
JAmes R Hagerty
Levin D Payne
Edward R PAyne

James Payne
Eliza J Payne
George Barngrover
Inf. son of GW barglover

Inf. dau of AB & ML Buren

Edward R Collyer
Agnes Collyer
Marvin Millard Collyer

column 86
Ann Scott
Gray Volney B.Scott/Ann C. Jordan Scott
Julia A Scott
Albert S Scott
Elizabeth Scott
Matthew O Scott
Mary S Scott

Son Scott
Sarah S Scott
Winfield Scott
Rachel M. Scott
dau. of MO & GE

Sopia Oram
John Oram
Aaron Oram
James Oram
Belva Barngrover

MAry A Jefferson
Dottie Jefferson
WC Jefferson
MAry E Jefferson

Benjamin Young
MH Young

column 96

Bessi M. scott

Small Smooth stone

Easter Kelly

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