Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Vicki's Grandma's Cake

posted on facebook by Vicki Doze: Tonight I baked a Cottage Pudding Cake from a recipe that was my Grandmother's. She was born in 1876, married in 1893 and died in 1951. So this cake recipe has to be pretty old. She topped it with cream, sugar and nutmeg. I topped this one with canned pie cherries and Cool-Whip. It was so good. I found a sauce recipe for this cake made with butter, a little flour, pinch of salt and brown sugar. Will try it the next time I ever make this cake. I haven't used this recipe since the 1970's. The cake is good without anything on top. It's not a real sweet cake, but good just the same. The sauce also has water in it and "a small amount of vanilla." It's called a Vanilla Sauce. The cake is baked in a "hot" oven. Had to look up what a "hot" oven was and it is a 400 degree temp. Took only 17 minutes to bake the cake.

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