Monday, July 23, 2012

Grandma Gilly's Memorial Book continued...

Friends Who Called (handwritten signatures, this is what I think they say....) Mrs James L Whitworth, Eleonore Taprey Casteel, Mrs Vada Gamble, Mrs. Coral Shockey, Mr and Mrs Pearl Smith, Mrs Homer Burress, Rose Burress, Judy Shockey, Sarah Crow, Betthy Frances Hall, Fern Brown, E. Mae Mitchell, Hallie Mitchell, Ruby Nigh, Lucille Cunningham, Mary Chambers, Jaunita Lewis, Lida Smith, Mr and Mrs Loren Towns, Mr and Mrs Jack Hoover, Mr and Mrs Francis Mosier, Ada & Herb Roberts, Mr & Mrs Howard Wynne, Mr Mrs Paul Brown, Mrs Nellie Appleby, Rev & Mrs Cleo Sexton, Mrs Mary Whitt, Mrs Ruth Campbell, Mr & Mrs Orville Hobbs, Mr & Mrs Ermar Griffin, Mr and Mrs Scott Clark, MRs Ward Foster, Mrs Harley Hobbs, Jessie L Parker, Mr and Mrs Walter Criswell, Tom Brown, Grace McReynolds, Nadine Hall, Willa Peery, Faith Babbs, Lora Hobbs, Mr & Mrs Larry Little, Lois Soutzerhiser, Emma Brown, Mrs Dora Brown, Gale Brown, Mr & Mrs Erneste Rumbley, Mae Shideler, Lucille Smith, Mrs Roy Hobbs, Leola Harris, Mrs Keith E Abbey
looseleaf papers tucked into the book: typed letter head "THE HALLMARK OF QUALITY" HARDBOARDS FOR HARDWOOD LUMBER, HARDWOOD PLYWOOD, SOFTWOOD LUMBER, SOFTWOOD PLYWOOD, AND SPECIALITIES. W.P. STARK LUMBER CO., INC. Phone ATwater 1-1612 Fairfax Industrial District KANSAS CITY, KANSAS handwritten: Hildred Burress-pie; Sylvia Karr-coffee; Fern Brown-salad; Buleah Waun-pie; Emma Utterback-ham & pie; Mrs Giles-scalloped corn; Helen Cox-green beans; Edna-cookies; Emma B-pies; May Mewit-cakes; Lucille Murpy-Jello (something) thing Bill Stark, Jr. printed at bottom of page
another piece of paper, same letterhead Mr & Mrs Clyde Maxwell, K.C. MO; John Maxwell, Okla;Jasper Maxwell, K.C. MO; MR & Mrs Leland Maxwell and daughter, Marshall MO; Mrs. Grace Williams, Winona, MO; Mrs Emma Orton, Potwin, Kans.; Mrs Frank Orton, Potwin Kans.; Mrs Hobert Orton Potwin Kans.; Mr & Mrs Larry Little, Kansas City, MO; Mr & Mrs Wayne Spicknall, Lewistown, MO; Mrs L.A. Dnuse, Lewistown, MO; Mr & Mrs Harley Maple, Cainsville, MO; Mrs Nan Stanley, Cainsville, MO; Mr & Mrs Keith Thomas, Cainsville, Mo; Mr & Mrs Israel Chaney Gilman city MO; Mr & Mrs Dale Cottrell Gilman City, MO.

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