Monday, July 23, 2012

Thomas W Maxwell Memorial Book

In Memory of Thomas W Maxwell--- place of birth Harrison County Missouri--- date of birth June 7 1873, date of death March 14 1959--- place of death Trenton, Missouri--- age 85 years, 9 months, 7 days--- place of services Cat Creek Baptist Church, Harrison County, MO--- Rev. Chester E Sherrah, officiating clergymen--- time of service March 16 1959 2:00 p.m.--- organist: Helen Fair Fardyce--- soloist or singers: Ida Shaw, Sparks McClure, Juanita Jones--- song selections: Precious Lord Hold My Hand Solo, I won't have to cross Jordan alone, where we will never grown old--- place of interment Cat Creek Cemetery, country Harrison county, MO--- laid to rest 1959 March Monday 3 p.m.--- father James C Maxwell--- mother Minerva Chreswill--- other members of the family wife Gilly Higdon Maxwell; children Mildred Evie Maxwell; James P Maxwell; Eugene Higdon Maxwell; Joseph Henry Maxwell; Leland Albert Maxwell; John Leonard Maxwell; Leona Grace Maxwell; Minerva Alice Maxwell.--- spiritual bouquets Thomas Maxwell became a member of the 1st Baptiste Church by Baptism August 1898 and was at one time sunday school superintendent often a class teacher and prayer meeting leader as long as health permitted.--- Sermon notes by Rev. Chester Sharrah. text (nothing written)--- Bearers: Earl Shirley, Clay Shirley, Harley Hobbs, Jay Gibson, Jasper Maxwell, Orville Hobbs--- Friends Who Called: Eleonore Torrey Casteel, Mr Mrs Sherman Neill, Mr & Mrs Bernard Hickridge & Louise, Mr & Mrs Roy Power, Mr & Mrs Claude Woodall, Seth Griffin, Mr & Mrs Lorin Towns, Mr & Mrs Francis Mosier, MR & Mrs Ray Murphy, Mr Jasper Maxwell, Harry Dority, Vernon Utterback, Mr &Mrs H M Utterback & Karen, Mrs Bart Utterback, r Mrs A P Harrison, Mr & Mrs Orville3 Hobbs, Mr & Mrs Garland Campbell, Glen & Fair Hamilton, Dora Brown, Emma Brown, Ada Roberts, Herbert Roberts,Hyldred Burress, Slyvia Karr, Mrs Gerald Long, Mrs Virgil Wingate, Mrs Earl Foster, Mrs Ernest Rumbley, Mrs Scott Clark, Mr & Mrs Chas. Dunkin, Mr & Mrs Kenneth Bondurant, Mrs N A Stanley, Mr and Mrs A V Spillman, Mr & Mrs W G Tedlock, Tom Brown & family, Mr & Mrs Garland Hann, Frank & Dorothy Mann, Merle & Clifford Ives, Lora Hobbs, Gladys Trump, Rosetta Sawyer, Mr & Mrs Jerry Davidson, Nevin O Adams, Mr & Mrs Clay Shirley, Mrs Frankie Ray, Mrs William Mullins, Lois Soutzenhiser, Mr & Mrs Ward Foster,Mrs Harold Peery, Harley &Eva Hobbs, Mr & Mrs Lester Robertson, Fern Brown, Mrs Jud Shockey, Macoe Whitt, Mrs Lorie Booram, Donald Whitt, Mrs Jewitt Grubb, E. May & Hallie Mitchell, Bart Utterback, Emma Orton- Potwin KS, Mrs Harold Frerking -Whitewater, Kans., Mrs Edna E Creswell -El Dorado Kans, H.R. Higdon (can't read) Okla., H.R. and Ada Roberts, Angeline Burnett, May Terhune, Mr & Mrs JH Jones, Mr & Mrs J.R. Gibson, Mr & Mrs Paul Brown, Mr and Mrs ay Towns, Clarance & Rita Hobbs, Ina Miller Overstreet, Mr & Mrs WArd Shepard, Mr and Mrs W.J. TenHulzen, Mr and Mrs Dick Shirley & Lawrence, Mr & Mrs Clay Shirley, Mrs John Appleby, Mrs H.R. Hobbs, Mr & Mrs W.R. Hobbs, Mr & Mrs Jay Gibson, Sarah Hudson, Mrs Mary McClure, Mr & Mrs Basil Powers, Frank and Nettie Hobbs, Frank & Bernice Orton, Mr and Mrs Clyde E Maxwell, Mr Jasper L Maxwell, Mr Mrs Leland Maxwell and Marsha Jane Maxwell -MArshall, MO, John Maxwell -Grove Oklahoma, Hobart Higdon-Avant, Okla., Mrs Edna Creswell -Eldorado, Kansas, Mrs &Mr Frank Orton and Emma Orton-Potwin Kansas, Mr Mrs Israel Chaney-Gilman City, Mo, Mr Mrs Keith Thomas-Cainsville, Mrs Mary Frerking-White Water Kans., Mr Mrs Harmon Utterback-Kansas City, Vernon Utterback-Davenport, Iowa.---- a small sympathy card tucked into book... During this time we have learned how much our friends really mean to us. Your expression of sympathy will always be treasured. (handwritten) "Will write letter. Love, Stella."----

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