Friday, July 6, 2012

i wish i had more pictures from my childhood....or some home I could hear Grandpa Vermal saying 'you make a better door than a window, and "By ad there "(or was it "By God there"? I can't remember and it makes me sad...)or Grandma Grace saying "on it, on it" . Grandma driving the boat while Grandpa waterskied in his boat shoes. Their camper in our yard. Grandpa lighting fireworks on the 4th. the walks we took with Grandma Pauline when she'd pick wildflowers and sing us songs and tell us stories about her family. playing dressup at Aunt Mary's (I know a picture DOES exist of this!) & Aunt Chardy's. Mom and Grandma Grace cutting out patterns on the big diningroom table, weighting them down with tableknives instead of using pins. Grandma Grace working in her flower bed. The light up Santa they had in the front window. The murmur of their voices after us kids went to bed when we spent the night there,and the fragrence of peanut butter toast wafting through the air while they listened to KTTN radio in the kitchen and we watched Popeye or Woody Woodpecker in the LR. how Grandpa would lean around the corner from his easy chair to see who was at the door. the parties we used to throw in the yard for mom and dad, complete with streamers and a show...they would trudge up from the 2nd milking of the day and gamely sit through them....have to go to work....there are so many things you just take for granted until they are gone.

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