Saturday, July 14, 2012

a letter from aunt mary is always bound to contain

a genealogical gem or two...and this one was no exception. July 8 2012 Sun. This heat wave is widespread. I heard (radio) that Bloomington Ind. (where Grandpa Johnny Axsom was from) had 104 degrees yesterday mid-afternoon. In a recent letter from Freeda, she wrote: Satan has sure tried to wreak havoc on the Axsom bloodlines, trying to stop the generations from continuing, however, what he has meant for bad God in his mighty power can bring good. (...aunt Mary wonders where she got this notion, then continues...) I wasn't aware that the Axsoms were becoming extinct! Several years ago, Larry Axsom 's research had found over 5000 descendants from Surry county's (Joseph?) Axsom. on the 4th of July I was at the Vaile Mansion from 12:30-4 volunteering (as I wasn't fond of sitting home alone). I really don't care to have a lot about myself posted on FACE BOOK.* Freeda wrote that her granddaughter Kristin accidently found my bio (much to my surprise). *I think it's accessible to many people, some ok and some weirdos. Love, Aunt Mary

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