Saturday, December 8, 2012

Dear Sis

letter postmarked Fort Leavenworth Kans. 5 pm July 18 1942
interesting fact... all the letters are opened on the side. I always open mine from the back....
WEll it sure had been hot out here and does not look like it will be any better today.
I think will go to town today and get iron to press my clothes with they sure are helping and busy this week as it takes about hour longer to get done at night than it did. There is three more cooks going out this month So it looks like there is not going to be many of the old one left by the first of Sept. as they are puting in the ones that have but one eye or Something that keep them home be able to get around all right.
The boy that sleep next to me got a letter from his brother yesterday Said he had been over to Austrila and back in Cals. (?) You but thought they were going to send him to Alaska. Soon he had not been in but four month so he sure had seen lots of the country.
Well I had to Sis and help clean up the barracks and it is aobut time to go and eat a little now as it nine oclock So will close by this time.
Love, John

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