Saturday, December 8, 2012

Nov 1 '42

from the aunt minerva collection
letter from John Maxwell at Fort Leavenworth Army Base in Kansas during his WWII service
poostmarked Nov 2 9am Fort Leavenworth Kans.
Dear Sis
Well just a few lines to let you know I am all right I am getting so I can not write any more as don't seem to have much time I think will go out again some time this month as they are to be a lots of men comming in this month I never have wrote to Dale but may tomorrow nite if have time.
I sometimes wish they would of send me out as it is getting worse every day around here. by another month they will want a man to work day and nite but if they do think will resign.
I went down to see La Verne last nite and came back this morning. She is going back to Chicago tomorrow as her mother is sick So guess won't see her for a while but I always will think she was the nicest girl I ever Seen.I got another letter from Carrie Hill yesterday and one from Uncle Hugh but don't think will answer for a while.
I may try and come home one day that week if I can well I had better close so write when you can.
love John

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