Sunday, December 23, 2012

have yourself a merry little Dailey family christmas....

I grew up on a dairy farm, Kevin grew up on a farm, we both knew people had to work every day no matter holiday or not.
we both now have jobs where the holidays are just another day. pigs need fed, trucks need loaded.
so, we have our holidays when we can all get together.
our christmas this year was Saturday, Dec. 22.
I had the day off, Kevin had to leave and go to work, so he napped a bit in his chair after lunch, and we all understood.
my mom and dad came for a late lunch of my ham from work, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes (homemade since that's how Koren likes them!), green bean casserole, cranberry sauce, walmart bakery rolls, Koren's corn casserole, and the girls made the best deviled eggs ever! Koren also brought homemade Snickerdoodle brownies and candy.
after mom and dad left, we opened our family gifts.
Koren and Cody gave Kevin the hunting shirt he wanted, Kj American Eagle jeans "so he could get a girl" (see below!), Katie makeup and nail polish, and me a Griswold Family Christmas hoodie!
We gave Koren and Cody each cash, Katie already had her sparkly Sperrys and got an IHome, and KJ the latest editions of Madden and Smackdown vs. Raw or whatever it is. Kevin got KindleFireHD and the other hunting shirt he wanted. I got some expensive thick wool socks for my cold cold pair is handmade in IRELAND! the other handmade from recyled materials in the US. and when he gets the Kindle set up, I will download the Bigfoot smut books I've been wanting off amazon.....
years ago when money was tight we decided to just buy for our kids and set a limit of $100 per kid to be fair and we pretty much stick to it still.....KJ runs a bit short, Katie eats up his extra $.
the family joke is that Katie is convinced that KJ will get a girlfriend if he wears Buckle Jeans. he prefers Levis. so when she went Black Friday shopping with Koren, they got him American Eagle jeans. he wore them out last nite, but I went to bed before he got home, so don't know if he is in a relationship
and I think that Grandpa Bernard really enjoys when Katie sits next to him and makes him pose for pictures with her! she even got him to do a duckface!

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