Sunday, December 23, 2012

Well we are going to drill again this afternoon....

postmarked May 21 1942 Fort Leavenworth Kans.
letter from Cpl John Maxwell to Minerva Maxwell 1004 Rural St Trenton MO
Dear Sis
Well I got here at three Sunday afternoon and went to work just as soon as got here.
I have not been any place until last nite went to the carnival then but was not much to in I won $1.00 play with the mouse then we came home would like to go to KC to the carnival this week but am is near broke.
>Got letter from Frances yesterday wanting me to come down just as soon as could I have not seen her since week ago Saterday nite.
I don't think will go down until next week.
I have got so they can't hardly wake me this week over slept Monday it hope I get caught up on sleep this afternoon.
Well we are going to drill again this afternoon but that does as good as it makes us hungry I do not eat very much the way it is I found the picture of Clarence Hobbs in the Life Magazine Sunday nite cut it out and sent it to Sadie that is the way I will look some of these days I got a letter from home today Mom said it was getting so they could work in the field now by the way things look up there they should be in the field every day as it is getting pretty late now. Well I had better close and get this over to Post office have some more to write but will waite until nite.
Your Brother

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