Monday, December 10, 2012

If I were back home now I probably would be in the city of Trenton this afternoon but here this is just another day for me.

letter from Cpl Lawrence D. Brown
stationed in Albuquerque New Mexico during WWII
to his girlfriend, Miss Minerva Maxwell of Brimson Missouri
Sat. afternoon
July 21, 1945
Dear Minerva
If I were back home now I probably would be in the city of Trenton this afternoon but out here this is just another day for me. If a person goes down town here on Sat. afternoon he can sure tell it because all the Spicks & Indians come to town.
I have been looking for a letter from Fern today but all of the mail has been put Up (?I'm guessing, maybe it is Deep?) for today so I guess maybe I won't receive any. I though maybe she would write & tell me when you & her could come out for a week or two. I guess I should have told your folks & mine what we planned to do but I guess I lost my nerve so you will half to for give me. I don't see why it should shock anyone because that is the question they all ask. I am not going to make many plans or arrangements till yuou get here because I probably would just make a mess out of it so you can just boss the whole deal & they you will be more satisfied.
They have put us on 12 hr shifts for a few days untill we got some more of our planes in flying condition. There has been so many engine changes the last two week that we have fell behind in teh number of planes we are to have for the combat crews.
I sure have done my share of sleeping since I came back. It was 3:00A> when I got in bed this morning & at 11:30 I got up. The flies woke me up once so I covered my head up & went back to sleep. You sure was a sleepy gal the morning I got you up when we were over to Scotts but you had a good reason to be. I feel like I could go to sleep again but it is almost time for me to go to work.
From about 10:00AM till the sun goes down it is plenty warm here I sure hate to work the graveyard shift because it is so hard to get any sleep here in the daytime.
I never have heard a word about not being here for work last Sunday evening & I think it is to late now for them to say anything. I was just lucky by having the flight chief to cover up for me that show me he appreciated the way I took care of & rant my plane in the air when he needed it. There just isn't much I wouldn't do for him except loan him money & I refused him on that but I had a good excuse.
I have a few more things to do before I go to work so will close.
With All My Love

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