Monday, December 10, 2012

well it is raining like Hell out here now and probly will all nite...

letter from Tech. 5th Grade Cpl. John Maxwell
stationed in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas during WWII to his sister Minerva Maxwell, 1004 Rural St. Trenton MO
postmarked May 2 1942 Fort Leavenworth Kans. 1130PM
Dear Sis
well it is raining like Hell out here now and probly will all nite I have worked yesterday afternoon and today the first time since Monday Have fun in bed the rest of time with Sinus trouble it got so bad my eyes swell almost shut.
They have put enough medican in my nose and head to Keep it from Spoaling for a a long time and probly will put a lot more before I get over it but am about all right. I got home last Sunday about 1am oclock and Slept until time to go to work Monday.
Don't think I will try to come home any more until last of the month they get pass I am planning on going to K.C. Monday afternoon and see the ball game I have got two letters from Garnett Moore this week she is over at Princeton and Surely can't not find her a boy friend to be writing so much well I will have to quit for a while and fix our lunches now is I am letting in the office at the mess hall and being telephone boy.
well I have got that done now and went down it the basement and got a lot of dry towels to wipe plates it still is raining so hard you can't see very far but let it rain no lady is out.
I think will go to bed Just as Soon as get down to the barracks and shave for will work again tomorrow but Shorty will be back Sunday nite to work Monday
well I had better close for it is about time to go and it is getting brighter now.
deb's note: these letters are fascinating, since they were written by people I met but didn't really know....Uncle John was just the really tall thin guy that came to family stuff I know he was funny! and I also know that Aunt Minerva not only kept all these letters, but she tallied a bunch of sums on the back of one page of this letter and made a list on the back of the envelope.....
2.00 Hose
65 books
60 paper
30 pencils
1.00 Twanata
1.50 Defense Stamp
10 Observer school paper
.35 picnic
90 show bill
10 ink
25 Wared Majs
35 yarn
60 scratched out
.20 can't read
10 anklets
30 Cap Charlene
10 rattle
20 envelopes
2.70 sugar for home
20 salt
30 candy
45 Hamburger

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