Saturday, December 8, 2012

Mrs. Lawrence D. Brown, Brimson, Missouri

letter from Dale Brown to his wife Minerva, same address for Dale.
this envelope has an Airmail stamp . can't read postmark.
Sunday evening Sept. 2, 1945
My Dearest Wife
There is so many things going on around this place that I haven't had much time to do any thing.
They are forming the 492nd bomb group on this filed & of course I had to be in it. We have moved to the west side of the field We are in the barracks just behind the bus stop where we caught the post bus to go to the last side of the field. They say we will be across in 30 days but that is just a rumor. Nobody seems to know very much about all of this so it is hard to tellhow things will turn out. If I half to put in six months over seas I wish they would send me now & get it over with. I think congress is going to pass some legislation that will let us fellows who have been in the army for 3 years out. I will know more about it in the next two weeks so don't worry about it till we find out more.
I am sleeping in the upper bay of the barraacks now it is so hot in the evening that took my blanket & come outside on the lawn where it is nice & cool but the flies & ants is giving me a bad time.
Say that was a nice write up about our marriage in the paper I am proud of it and want all those people who were always asking us that question to be sure & read it. I think that if you will remember back that I have preached to you for quite some time that as long as you teach school you won't find a better place than Fairview. You just don't find people like Fair & Glen Hamilton in every community.
One of the airline planes caught on fire just as it landed the other day & burnt up. All of the passangers escaped o.k. & none of the mail burnt up. I was watching a P-47 fighter take off & he was about 20 ft in the air & the engine cut out & he really hit the ground. Before the plane stopped the pilot jumped out & run about 150 ft away from the plane & then went back to the plane. I went down & looked at the plane today & it isn't as bad a shaped as I thought it would be.
They are shipping in more men ever day but none are leaving here. Men are sleeping in the (something) & gym & in tent in fact any place they can find.
I don't know of much more to write now so will close.
Your Loving Husband

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