Saturday, December 8, 2012

Miss Minerva Maxwell, Brimson Missouri

letter postmarked May 26 1945 1:30p.m. Albuquerque N. Mex, stamped Free
from Cpt. Lawrence D. Brown, H.S.N. 17060393, Sqd. D., 237A.A.F.B.U., Bop 3920, Kirtland Field, Albuquerque, New Mexico
Friday night, May 25, 1945
Dear Minerva
After I got off work this evening I ate supper & took a little nap then I washed my coveralls. I also washed my hair so I wouldn't have to do on my day off tomorrow. I can lay in bed in the morning & be thankful that I don't half to get up it hasn't been so hard for me to roll out of bed the last month or two because the weather has been so nice and warm here.
I can't figure out why the letters that I wrote to Harry & Zenith have been returned to me unclaimed. I am pretty sure that I coppied the right address that Zenith sent me. I guess I will write the folks & have them to send me the right address. I haven't heard from the folks for about 10 days & I am not in a very good humor on that I was almost certain that I would receive one today but dident. If it wasen't for you writting me so regular I sure wouldn't receive much mail. I want you to know that I really appreciate your letters & love you for them but they are not the only reason that I love you (I love you is underlined). Mabel is good to write me also.
I think Grace & Vermal would want a boy or two now with three girls but I guess it is not what a person wants but what they get that counts. If she diden't stay in the hospital as long as she could she might be sorry. You know Mabel went back to see Cullen & he made her stay a day or two. I sure would like to get back home & see Gary.
Maybe I will get a furlough in the next two months. From the way it has been raining back there I don't think I would had much fun if I had gotten one. If I get one I don't want you to plan on doing to much work while I am there because you & I are going to spend most of my furlough together if I have my way would this be o.k. with you?
We were supposed to go on the grave yard shift next week but an order came out that we will not change shift this week. I don't like the grave yard shift but I don't think much of the day shift either.
Say how much gas you will have if I get a furlough. I will be able to get 15 gal. & if I can't get some from Scott we may run short.
I am anxious to get those pictures that you had developed but I guess I will half to wait till Fern gets ready to send them to me.
Be sure & write when you have time & I love you very much (I l ove you very much is underlined...)
With All My Love
deb's note: my mom was born in May it sounds here like Grandma hustled home to raise her kids soon after birth. she probably didn't have a choice! and did Grandma & Grandpa want sons? they seemed perfectly happy with their 3 daughters...

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