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About two days is the longest a person can wear a pr.of coveralls & not look like they had been diped in oil.

Sgt. Lawrence D Brown to Miss Minerva Maxwell Brimson Missouri
postmarked Albuquerque N. Mex July 30 1945
Sunday night
July 29 1945
Dearest Minerva
We changed shifts this weekend & I diden't have much time off so I failed to get a letter written to you. We change shift ever week instead of ever two weeks like we have been doing. I don't like hte idea but I guess there isn't much I can do about it.
I washed my coveralls out after I got off work this evening & I thought they would be dry by in the morning but I have almost changed my mind. About two days is the longest a person can wear a pr.of coveralls & not look like they had been diped in oil. Some fellow don't change but about ever 2 weeks but I can't go that long.
I looked for a Dad a pr. of overalls yesterday & the longest I could find was 48-34 & he wear 50 or 52 waist but he man told me to keep coming back & they might have them. They had quite a few pr. of smaller sizes so I think we will half to put him on a diet & reduce his waistline.
It has rained about four times here in the last week & that is some thing unusual for this part of the country It has been so dry here all summer that I bet the farmers were glad to see it.
I wrote the folks (mine) that we were going to get married & I will write your folks in a day or two. IF you want to you can leave Trenton the morning of Aug. 6th & get here the 7th and here is the best way for you to come out here it is a little bit out of the way but just go to the depot in Trenton & buy a round trip ticket to Sante Rosa N. Mexico & you will get into Santa Rosa about 3:30 A.M. the next morning & you will half to wait till 6:00 A.M. to get a bus to Albuquerque which will get her about 9:30 or 10:00 A.M. You won't half to change train in K.C by coming out on the Rock Island like you would if you came on the Santa Fe & you will beat the Santa Fe (scratched out) schedule 2 hr or possibly 5 hrs. You may think this is a crazy idea but if you ever rode the Santa Fe line I think you would agree with me. If there is any question be sure & write me right back also let meknow for sure when you will get here so I can get some rooms for you & Fern.
I had better close for now & get soon sleep.
All My Love
I love you

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