Sunday, January 20, 2013

they have me working every day now

from Cpl John Maxwell to Minerva Maxwell Brimson MO
postmarked Fort Leavenworth Kans Feb 1 1943
Feb 1, 43
Dear Sis
I will try and write a few lines It sure is swell out here to day but it probly will get rough to nite as got payed today. I was down to see betty day before yesterday she is able to be up now but dont think they will let her go to work for a while yet as she does not feel very strong yet
Well Max Mother in law has gone now so he can live in peace for a while.
Say if you have time and can why dont you come out this weeknd It look like I will be here for a few day yet but can't get off to come home any more as they have me working every day now
I may try to get out of here after this week if thing does not change around here They said the folk should here from there alotment the first of this month so if they don't by the 15 write and let me know If you can out write and I will meet you in K.C. friday nite.
Love John

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