Thursday, January 17, 2013

I was made Corporal last Monday

from Cpl John Maxwell to Miss Minerva Maxwell 1004 Rural St Trenton MO postmarked Fort Leavenworth Kans Aug 8 1942
April 7 1942
Dear Sis
Well you may think that I am dead but am not as this is the first time I have had to write They have kept us busy day and nite since last Tuesday today is the first rest I have had and it was not very long I didn not get that trip last week and don't know just when I will get on now as thing are changing fast I was made Corporal last Monday. If nothing don't happen I will be home again this week but will be in a little early that was last time I don't know as you can rad this as can't hardly set up long enough to write I have worked from three in the morning until nine at nite all last week up in till about ten this morning and got off then and sleep until supper time and getting ready to go to bed again now as don't feel like ever have slept any. (sentence scratched out) I must be going nuts as have wrote the same thing twice all ready I got a cake from home today it sure was swell.
Well I had better close as can't set up.
Your Brother

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