Tuesday, January 29, 2013

mom's list of kitchen antiques

large crock I bought in 6O's
3 legged bean pot (Grandma Gilly)
cast iron dutch oven with bail (Grandma Gilly)
blue and gold japanese tea set damaged (Grandma Daisy)
pink & white set of dishes (Pauline)
4 piece setting Amestyith dishes bought when we married
old milk bottles...mom
large pan from Muffs Bakery -mom
Campbell's kids clock (store)
carnival glass relish dish (mom)
green cream and sugar (Grandma Daisy)
square butter dish Pauline
Old Hickory Knife Set in wooden holder Axsoms
red & green aluminum pitcher and glasses I bought
3 crockery pitchers Pauline
suagar dish Pauline
salt cellar Mom
salt & pepper shakers Mom
pink and white pig cream and sugar Axsom
silverware set from 1964 I bought
several iron skillets 2 large Axsom rest I bought
old cookie cutters Mom
wash boards Grandma Gilly
rug beaters Axsom
what not to ask for here? but I don't want to be too greedy.....

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