Tuesday, January 29, 2013

my moms Misc list of antiques and family heirlooms collected over the years.

axehead found on Pea Ridge Axsom family
small case (mom)
Brownie Hawkeye Camera (Mom)
Girl Scout Pins (mine)
China doll in case dressed in material from my wedding dress
my baby shoes
antique toys (store)
mirror with shell handles (store)
2 old clocks (store)
3 old railroad lanterns...large one mom...smallest mom...other ?
antique brush and mirror set (store)
antique brushes 2 (store)
antique folding fan (store)
brass horses (store)
black & white cat planter (survived moms fire)
coke scenery clock (store)
coke tray (store)
old world globe on axis -Axsom
drawing (framed Rogers drawing)
quilts from mom 1 from Grandma Daisy (yellow one)
old chalk dogs-chalk heads-dogs mom-heads Maribell
beer stein (Pauline)
2 old hospital bills 1 moms 1 I bought.
Morton Salt mirrored picture (store)
framed REmington print (Mabel Ringling)
Aerial photo of farm
photo albums, etc.
I'm asking my mom for the antique brush and mirro adn antique brushes for my girls, the marbles for kj, the girl scout pins for me.

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