Tuesday, April 29, 2014

672 Gridley

I think it was Gridley...been a long time since I wrote a letter to Grandma Pauline & Grandpa Alfred.....
from the Axsom Shoebox Of Memories
handwritten index card.
moved 672 in May 1964
Bought place fall 1965
pd. off in Oct. 1983
started work at Mayhem (Moryhem?) Tile Co. in August or Sept. 1964-there till April 1967
started work at Neet Awning Co July 5 1967 was there till June 7 1974
started work at Kool Metal Awning Co August 1974 was there till Dec. 8 1981
replaced Burner in furnace Summer of 1974.
we reshingled house 1983
put porch & awning up in 1968?
put up front awning in 1971-August.
put up car shelter in fall 1978?
oil shed from Dalan Lumber 1969
ear care Dec 1971.
seems like Grandpa had a couple of months break in between jobs.....did he leave these jobs before he had another job lined up? or were there lengthy family vacations? or was he let go and looking for a job? hmmmm.

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