Monday, April 28, 2014

The Story of the WWII Veteran's Quilts

The Mirror Feb. 26 2014 and March 19 2014>
Deanna Dailey Schreffler called Donna Hashman and asked her for the names of all living WWII Veterans in Mercer county. Donna then called Sally Reighard and asked her to help her in gathering names. Sally got all the names of the WWII Veterans, who were members of the American Legion, and Donna and Sally came up with more names. Deanna made 19 quilts, with veteran's Branch of Service on them. Donna Hashman's aunt, Marie Dailey Hass, made three more quilts. Some of them were presented to the Veteran's before Christmas. When the weather got so bad, we stopped giving them. We finished presenting them at the Sweetheart Valentine's Dinner in Ravanna. on February 15, 2014.
World War II Veterans, who were given quilts, were Frank Clark, H.L. Carmichael, Gene Coon, J. Morgan Donelson, William Gamet, Fairl O'Banion, Bill Pollard, Royce Walburn, Robert Walker, Paul Cridlebaugh, Bob Porter, Herb Covey, Russell Morian, Orvil (Jr) Stark, Carroll Warnock, Dale Robinson, Ernie and Doris Harkins, Tommy Wilson and Myron Moore. Even though Jennie Vertrees is not a veteran, Deanna wanted her to have a quilt for all the work she does for veterans. Bill Collins has yet to receive his.
Deanna has made lap quilts and given them out to some of our veterans last year. She has made it her mission to make more quilts to thank as many of our veterans that she can for their service and sacrifice to our great nation.
Presentations were made to Fairl O'Banion and Gene Coon by Donna Hashman and not show, Sally Reighard. (photos by Bruce "Butch" Cassidy)
Deanna Dailey Schreffler of Des Moines, IA, presents Jennie Vertrees with a lap quilt she made for Jennie's service in keeping the plight of veteran's as one of her main issues. Jennie has written a column "Ramblin' with Jennie" for THE MIRROR for many years. Her writings often deal with veterans and veteran issues. Thank you Mrs. Schreffler for your kindness. Congratulations Jennie for the wonderful honor. (photo by Randi Ferguson)

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