Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Lisa's facebook post for April Fools Day....

Every year on April's Fools Day I get the urge to call dad and tell him the cows are out. I wonder if there are cows in Heaven? Of course it IS Heaven so cows would never be out anyway. .
Bryant: If they were I'm sure he'd be roundin them up. ..
Lisa: Bryant, he would also be grousing that he couldn't have us girls out there for hours helping him fix fence! ..
Teresa: My Dad would laugh and tell me it was my job to round them up and fix fence. ..
Lisa: Dad would immediately jump out of bed, throw on his boots, and head out the door, yelling at us girls to get our butts in gear. He fell for it EVERY year. LOL!! ..
Kenton: The great memories like this one you shared are the wonderful memories that will last a lifetime! May you carrie those with you for a lifetime! 11 hrs · Like · 1 ..
me: yep.....EVERY YEAR! cousin Jerry: and in Heaven they milk themselves.... ..

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