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Mary Ann Deskins was married to Charles Creigh Fields, June 2, 1868. Were the fond parents of three sons, Robert E. Fields, was born April 13, 1869, Lilborn Rush Fields was born April 11, 1871, at the age of two years he died, March 10, 1873. He was buried at Peterstown, Virginia. Care B. Fields was born December 6, 1873. C.C. Field's father was William Fields, his mother was named Elizabeth Browning Finorey of Russell County. There were four children born to them: John W. Fields, Nancy J. Fields, Charles C. Fields, and Lilborn Fields. The three boys were all in the Confederate Army. All returned, John was badly wounded in the right leg below the knee. He suffered a great deal from it. Lilborn went west after the War, was last seen in Omaha, Nebraska. The family never heard from him again. Nancy J. Fields married Montraville Steele,son of Thomas Steele. She was a devoted wife and mother. Her husband was a great and noble man. He was also in the Confederate Army. Charles C. Fields was a fine mechanic in iron and steel. Was a plow maker by trade with H.H. Hall of Maysville, Ky. In the year 1877 he patented an adding machine, made quite a success. In later years he received several patents, at his death he was getting out a combination wrench. Both his sons have also received patents. Both have a mechanical trend of mind. Robert E. Fields has been fireman and Engineer on the Rock Island Railroad, since he was twenty years old. He is now on the pension list, but still running his engine. He has been very successful. Never had a serious accident and never was hurt during all those years.
Robert E. Fields married a Miss Myrtle M. Sutton in Horton, Kansas. Two sons were born to them: Burt Elmo Fields, born July 24. Robert Keith Fields was born November 27th. They are both in the U.S. Navy. The mother died at an early age. Later he married Miss Elizabeth Finney Steel, daughter of Montraville Steel and Nancy Fields Steel, of Tazewell, Virginia. A most esteemable and beautiful character, and grand and noble wife and mother. To the little boys they never realized the loss of a mother from the kind and affectionate care of them. She was a mother to them in deed and truth. She also raised her sister's little daughter until five years of age, when she burned to death. They had adopted her. After ten years of married life they are blessed with a lovely daughter, Dorothy Louise Fields, she is seven years old to cheer them in declining years.
Carl Birdine Fields has been in the U.S. Navy for fourteen years, will soon finish his fourth term. His first four years he made a complete tour around the world. Started from San Francisco went to New York, joined the Navy sailed east came back to San Francisco making the circumference of the earth. He has sailed on many oceans and seas, visited all the continents of the world, except Australia. Most of the Islands of any note in the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. He has been true to his colors. He is a fine mechanic, a sober, honorable and trust-worthy son, one of whom any mother can be proud of.
I feel thankful to know, I am the mother of two boys with such sterling qualities. I have no regrets, but am indeed a proud mother.
C.B. Fields was married to Mrs. Olive Cox, January 3, 1918. She has a daughter, Juanita Cox Fields, they are a happy family. They live at Vallijo, Cal. He works at Mare Island, California.

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