Thursday, March 19, 2015

Margaret Maxwell Deskins was born January 14, 1818, departed from this life September 15,1886. They are buried in the Dickenson County, Virginia. Peace be to their ashes.

The rest of the family are still living. Mary Witten Maxwell my grandmother was the famous stock of Wittens and Cecil's from England. It was always a well grounded fact that a large fortune was awaiting the Witten heirs in London. Which they never received from an unknown cause, a missing link among some of the heirs.
My grandmother was a loving wife, a kind and affectionate mother. A most estimable woman, a noble Christian character, many times I have found her in secret prayer when a child. She was a Methodist.
The Witten family were long lived people. Jerry Witten, her father was ninety-six years at his death. Her brother James Witten was ninety-three years when he died. She had twin sisters, Hettie and Lettie Witten. They lived to a grand old age. Moved west and died. My grandmother had two cousins captured and made prisoners by the Indians; James and Mary More. They were quite young and Mary could not keep up with them, so they left her behind. Some people took her as their own. She never got home. They liked James, he would show fight when they wanted him to carry blankets and bows and arrows, and throw them down. He was spirited and high tempered. He was with them seven years. When he returned he was very much an Indian. wore beaded suits, cap and moccasins, sang and danced their war songs, would give their war whoops, he said he liked the Indian life. He wrote the history of his life with the Indians after he came home. I read it when I was quite young. I do not suppose the book is to be had at this time. I enjoyed reading it very much.
The Maxwell and Deskin families were represented in both the Union and Confederate Army. Now I learn from Virginia that severaL of both families have responded to their countries call, and are at the front in service in this great struggle for the freedom of all nations, tongues and people who are oppressed and denied their freedom. May they be an honor to the cause and may return to loved ones at home and free America. "God speed the day last all my be free."

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